Have you ever had issues with getting MOABs?  Well, let me help you out!


Get an effective class setup, and don't choose a class that won't allow you to kill on the run, because most likely you are going to be ineffective with a class setup that isn't better than someone elses.  Also, don't be ashamed to be a camper.  There is nothing wrong with it.  The campers are usually the ones that catch even some of the best guys off-guard.  This is the class setup I use when I try to obtain a MOAB :

ACR 6.8

Perks : Sleight of Hand (PRO), Scavenger (PRO), & Hardline (PRO)

Attachments : Red Dot Sight & Silencer Suppressor .

This class setup goes a long way!  Send me messages for more!  Part 2 will be up soon!