Campaign Achievements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Back In The Fight: Start The Single Player Campaign On Any Difficulty.

Too Big To Fail: Complete "Black Tuesday" On Any Difficulty.

Wet Work: Complete "Hunter Killer" On Any Difficulty.

Carpe Diem: Complete "Persona Non Grata" On Any Difficulty.

Frequent Flyer: Complete "Turbulence" On Any Difficulty.

Up To No Good: Complete "Back On The Grid" On Any Difficulty.

One Way Ticket: Complete "Mind the Gap" On Any Difficulty.

Welcome To WW3: Complete "Goalpost" On Any Difficulty.

Sandstorm!: Complete "Return To Sender" On Any Difficulty.

Back Seat Driver: Complete "Bag And Drag" On Any Difficulty.

We'll Always Have Paris: Complete "Iron Lady" On Any Difficulty.

Vive la Revolution!: Complete "Eye Of The Storm" On Any Difficulty.

Requiem: Complete "Blood Brothers" On Any Difficulty.

Storm The Castle: Complete "Stronghold" On Any Difficulty.

Bad First Date: Complete "Scorched Earth" On Any Difficulty.

Diamond In The Rough: Complete "Down The Rabbit Hole" On Any Difficulty.

The Big Apple: Complete "Black Tuesday" And "Hunter Killer" On Veteran Difficulty.

Out Of The Frying Pan...: Complete "Persona Non Grata","Turbulence", And "Back On The Grid" On Veteran Difficulty.

Payback: Complete "Mind The Gap","Goalpost", And "Return To Sender" On Veteran Difficulty.

City Of Lights: Completed "Bag And Drag" And "Iron Lady" On Veteran Difficulty.

The Darkest Hour: Complete "Eye of The Storm","Blood Brothers", And "Stronghold" On Veteran Difficulty.

This Is The End: Complete "Scorched Earth","Down The Rabbit Hole", And "Dust To Dust" On Veteran Difficulty.

Who Dares Wins: Complete The Campaign On Any Difficulty.

The Best Of The Best: Complete Campaign On Hardened Or Veteran

Informant:, My Guide For All Enemy Intel.

Scout Leader: Collect All 46 Enemy Intel, Link Above.

This Is My Boomstick: Start New Game On "Recruit" Difficulty, Then Switch To The MX25 And Go Upstairs In The Stock Exchange Room Then Fire Away, If Out Of Ammo Go Back Downstairs And Repeat If Needed.

What Goes Up...: Destroy All Choppers With Only UGV Grenades In "Persona Non Grata".

For Whom The Shell Tolls: The Key Is To Kill All The Enemies In The Building Before Climbing Up To The Mortar, Snipe Them All Through The Fence To Clear Them, First Target Should Be Impossible To Miss, Second You Can Aim For The Top Of The Road When It First Appears And That Will Take That One Out, Let The 3rd One Drive Down The Road And Stop Before Firing At It, Then When The Mob Appears Aim To The Left Of The Car They Walk By, I Tried This 3 Times Afterwards And It Worked Every Time.

Kill Box: First Of All You Must Run Back To The Container Just inside Of The Gates You Broke Through, The Rest Of The Team Won't Advance Too Far From You And It Makes It Easier To Target The Enemy, Don't Kill Any Except Through The Chopper, If You Get The Bullets Too Close To The Friendlies The Strafing Run Ends.

Danger Close: Throw The Smoke Grenade By The Rope Right Under The Chopper.

Menage A Trois: Take Your Time, There Are Two Tanks In The Middle And After One Of The Other Tanks Starts To Move Up, Fire The 105mm Cannon.

Nein: There Is One Tank In The Road With Troops, Aim For The Troops First And Then The Tank, As Two More Tanks Come But No More Troops.

Special Ops.

50/50: Pick An Elimination Mission, You Kill One Guy, Your Partner Kills Another, Repeat, If Not Enough Enemies Pick A Different Mission.

Birdie: Start The Map "Resistance" On Survival Mode, Stay In The House Near The Air Support Box And Buy A Predator Missile, Hide In The House, If The Helicopters Are Above You Take One Down With The Predator Missile, Then Go To The Basement And Exit The House, Then Lure The Helicopter To It, Make A Run For The Air Support Box, And Repeat.

Serrated Edge: First Run In A Circle Around The Juggernaut Knifing Along The Way, Since You Are Running Around Him He Has A Difficult Time Actually Landing Bullets, Along With The Knifing, PS You Might Want To Soften Him Up With Gunfire, Just Be Careful Not To Kill Him With The Weapon.

Strike: The Best Way To Get This Is To Start The Mission "Persona Non Grata", Right When They Are Coming Into The Courtyard, Throw A Frag Dead Center, if You Have Earned The Achievement "Frag Master" From Black Ops You Should Be Good With This Achievement. (If You Are Not That Far In Campaign Go To Special Ops On the Map "Dome", If You Don't Have This Map It's Impossible For You To Ever Get This Achievement Unless You Level Up Some More Or Progress Through Campaign. Ps "Dome" Is A Small Closed In Map Which Makes It Easier To Get This Achievement.

Jack The Ripper: Not Hard At All Just Knife Five Enemies Straight And You Should Get This Achievement, If Not You Will Probably Have To Restart Your Copy Of Modern Warfare 3.

Arms Dealer: You Must Purchase Every Weapon And Attachment From The Survival Weapons Armory.

Danger Zone: Buy All Items From the Survival Air Support Armory Including All Perks.

Defense Spending: Buy All Items From The Equipment Armory All In One Survival Game.

Get Rich Or Die Trying: The Easiest Way To Get This One Is To Have Your Partner Repeatedly Give You Cash Until It Reaches $50,000. The Other Way Is To Survive Atleast 20 Waves Without Dying.

I Live: The Easiest Achievement In The Game, Just Survive The First Wave Of Survival.

Survivor: Play By Yourself In Solo Play, For The First Couple Of Rounds (Maybe Up To Four) Run Around And Pick Up Weapons That The Enemies Use, First Couple Rounds It's The MP5, Then After The First Helicopter Round Find A Place To Hide, Inside, Where There's Only One Way In, Look Downrange And The Enemies Should Walk Right To You, The Juggernaut Round Is A Little Harder, I Suggest A Non-Pump Action Shotgun Or A Automatic Machine Gun.

Unstoppable: Same As The Survivor Achievement, I Suggest Doing This One With A Friend Because Some Random Person Won't Willingly Help You Get A Achievement, Trust Me, I've Tried.

No Assistance Required: Start The Special Ops Mission Where You Must Capture The President On Hardened With A Teammate, All You Need To Do Is Stay In Stealth Mode.

Brag Rags: Not Hard At All, Just Do A Mission On Normal Difficulty.

Tactician: Play All Special Ops Missions With Atleast One Star.

Overachiever: This Is A Intensely Hard Achievement, You Must Beat All Special Ops Missions On Veteran Difficulty

Secret Achievements.

Flight Attendant: Kill All Five Enemies In The Zero-G Sequence On "Turbulence", The Secret Way To Get This Is To Kill The Enemy on The Left Before You Trigger The Zero-G Sequence, You Still Get It Without Killing All Of Them.

There You Have It Everybody, My Achievement Guide To The Infamous "Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3". Hope This Helped You, Please Leave Great Comments, This Took Me A While To Make. Thank You For Your Support, Keep On Gaming!