In this brief guide, I will provide for you a few quick tips on becoming a more efficient killer on Modern Warfare 3. The competition is heavy out there, but I am here to share a few of my secrets.

1. Not every shot is a good shot.

Just because you see someone on the apposing team does not mean you must fire immediately. You must first consider what class you are using. Are you using a perk that grants you invisibility when you fire? Is you weapon silenced? 

2. Distance matters,.

If you are clear across the map, your chances on killing an enemy you see with a UMP45 or a Skorpion are very slim. Don't take a shot that you are unsure will connect with your opponent.

3. Always be ready for an opponent to pop out of no where.

This situation happens to every player everyday. The reality is aiming down the sights isn't always the answer. Depending on how close the opponent is determines whether you should aim or spray into him.

4. The knife is your best friend.

Sometimes an enemy pops up too close and too fast to react to. Well, you REACTION and HABIT must be to knife. 

In other occasions, you will find yourself circling an object multiple times to before you kill you enemy. Have that knife ready.

5. Find ways to outsmart your opponent.

Referring back to the last situation, running in circles is ridiculous. A sudden change in pattern will more than likely catch your opponent off guard and granting you the kill. Use natural and logical responses to these situations

When being fired upon, do not always attempt to return fire. There is a 95% chance that if your opponent shoots first, he will kill you. Instead follow these guidelines:

1. Use your surroundings to your advantage. Find place you can see you opponent but he can't see you. Then, fire when ready.

2. Round a corner then go prone. Wait for your opponent's feet to appear then fire.

These are just a couple responses that come natural to me.

6. Have all you classes suitable for all maps. 

I'm sorry, but quickscopping on every map won't cut it. I don't care how good you think you are. For me, an assault rifle is an excellent choice for maps such as Village, Dome, or Downturn. All I suggest is that you use discretion upon the map that is being played


What you have read are only a few  of my trick for becoming a better Call o Duty player. The rest is for you to determine. What makes you better than everyone else?