Primary weapon: Vector K10 (with laser sight, fast mag, and long barrel)

Secondary weapon:Smaw


Tactical: smoke grenade

Lethal: frag grenade


Perk 1: lightweight

Perk 2: None

Perk 3: engineer


Wildcards: primary gunfighter


Notes: set your button layout  to tactical.

Strategy: shoot down Counter UAVs/Uavs with your smaw. also use your smaw to shoot groups of enemys. in CQC (close quarters combat) drop shot your enemys with your SMG, with your controls set to tactical your crouch/prone will be mapped to your right stick, making it easy to go prone and drop shot. in objective type gamemodes throw smoke at the objective and then throw your frag in. for maximum devistation you can also shoot a smaw into the smoke, or if you are out of smaw ammo you can spray with your Vector K10