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How to Own in Multi-player!

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How to Own in Multi-player!

Well, because this is my first guide and dont know how to show images, I will be very detailed on how to own, but first, you must know each team and the powers of Metal.


IronHeade, with Eddie Riggs as a Leader, Is my recomended pick because His most powerful tools are the flaming Zepplin that does damage to anything including Enemy stages over time, Roadies that can only be seen if close and take down buildings quickly with you help, and the Rock crusher which boosts all near by Troops. Well, other than His whole solo selection is great except his weather changer which basiclly does nothing if playing against a other Ironheade team and Sometimes, Call of the wild, if not upgraded, is not really useful unless you are getting owned and have no troops at all. With his vast amount of great troops, Hes pretty great.



Shes so sexy and She has a great idea for a army. Her wigs can control the most strongest enemy units and force them against your enemy, The reaper is like a god and can make normal troops run away in fear, and has a couple of tricks that are creepy black metal styled! Well, Her solo selection is great but with flaws like the tainted coil, having multiple face melter attacks, and her weather changer is pretty stupid but at least lasts longer than the rock wall that Eddie has.She is the only one in the game that can shoot blasts while in personal combat that prevents your enemy from attacking you, so she has the upper hand in combat. Well, her double teams are amazing and should be tested.



The Tainted coil is really great and all but the problem, which is a big problem if you want to be fast, is you can only summon a battle nun and must then summon creatures from her destination so shes unmovable until giving birth to anything. Yes, the only way to win games is to kill your enemys troops so you'll need your army already heading to whatever fan booth. Well, His solos are awesome but Why so many freaken Face melter solos? well, The best things about this team is the power of war fathers and battle nuns, can heal others and heal themselves during battle but dont summon a whole a bunch of them, use fans for real warriors like punishing party's(they are awesome!), soul kissers to help destroy fan booths by being thrown and the bleeding death, which can be summoned anywhere and can be granted power from martydom. He's just complicated buts He has the most healing and controllable army in the game.

Well, those are the teams. It all depends who you choose.



Heres the greatest thing that will always help if your fighting against your opponents avatar. When you step up, lock on with right trigger and DO NOT LET GO! Attack him/her and after your enemy is being stuned back, press foward with B/ dash and attack again. This prevents escape, distraction of his or her troops, and being attacked. Sometimes, this will not work.



Well, the first thing you should do is automaticlly fly towards a close fan leech, mark it with a light from above with left bumper, then go to a other leech and land near it and do the solo of rally flag. Then quickly summon troops. Ranged troops are useful so summon one group and then summon some infantry like head-bangers. Because, depending your team, you can attack your enemy's troops to stall time for your troops to attack the leech(they do it on sight). While attacking, pay attention and when the leech is gone where your troops are, head to them, send them to your lighted destination, do fan solo, pick up flag, place near marked fan leech and summon a bass player so your troops have heeling. thats your first task to win.



Well, now you should have 3 fan booths and your army should be heading towards the marked tower. Well, it is likely that your enemy is doing the same. So, when your army confronts the leech or guiser, make them attack the other army because you'll be needing more fans to win and they would most likely only attack the leech and ignore your army. So to make your army stronger, do the battle cry solo and attack the enemy's troops and once a while check your fans, if you have enough for a upgrade, then use it. The faster you upgrade, the faster you can end the game. When you destroy your enemy's team, take out the leech or do the solo to take its fans and send one unit to waste your opponents time by holding the Y button on a selected section of your army towards your enemy's stage. Then heres a choice when your opponent is summoning his army back. 1- attack his fan booths to restrict his amount of fans, 2- wait and upgrade fully.



To finish this game off, if you are fully upgraded, send all your army towards the enemy stage and take your flag there as well. Summon your strongest troops and use your disaster solo so if your Eddie, use the flaming Zepplin a front of the stage. As your troops are being attacked, they still will fight the stage. Use battle cry a lot and use rock wall, call of the wild, and the rest of your solos and it will end the game. its a win!!! congrats.



Well, if you attacked the guisers, then you are pretty much mocking your opponent. Pay attention for upgrades, you will want them. After destroying one of the booths, destroy the stage with a full on slaught of your troops. Well, because that your opponent has so less fans then you, he is incapable to do anything and can only wait. This pretty much self explanitory, finish the game and use all your solos to do damage to the stage and you'll win!!!

Well, this is my guide. Hope you understand and love it!