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How to Choose a weapon


How to Choose a weapon

First, I would like to start off by telling you that alot of weapons are totally over or under powered like the sniper rifles . It takes several shots to kill an opponent except a headshot wich reaily doesnt happen much (unless your an engineer and then you can boost your own shot power and wax someone one shot in the pinky toe ya idjiot)

SO.... im going to help u chose a weapon starting with the sniper rifles there reaily isnt a sniper rifle in this game u start out with one riffle a drugonav with the ironsites which is semi-automatic . {the only way to get the scope is to complete a challenge } it has the exact same stats as the bolt action sniper rifle that you can unlock . So go with the semi if You dare snipe . Its not like call of duty its very close range and theres no clear angles or camping sites because im a camper and ive been looking for one for a while now and havent found a single good one.

assault rifles - h#@% no, assault rifles are very poor choices . technically they have extreme stopping power , but they dont have any acurracy at all so it ultimatley up to you .

smgs- yes, great stopping power and awesome acurracy i preffer a diablo with a scope and an up vent muzzle break . [ always put muzzle breaks on your weapon because it gives a power boost, never ever use silencers it doesnt make sense ur not reaily gonna need to be stealthy and nobody looks at there radars  in brink. ]

shotgons-yes, its over powered its over ranged yes YES!!!!!!!!

pistols- they can be tactical advantages im just not into em