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  • Blog Post: borderlands 2 a really, Really good game

    This game is basically skyrim with every crazy co-op shooter and its AMAZING. Any way you look at it it is awesome and fun. From the different charecter powers to the infinite amount of guns this is great. And one more thing. BEST CO-OP SHOOTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More
  • Blog Post: My favorite game of all time

    I could gush for hours about the sheer joyful and over-all incredible experience Borderlands 2 offers to every player smart and adventurous enough to shell out their dough for this unique game. I know it came out a year ago, but when I started making reviews, I knew I would have to share this game. If... More
  • Blog Post: Incomparable.

    Take everything you loved about the first Borderlands, and multiply it by ten. Borderlands 2 is an absolutely incredible game, and in my opinion, the best release of 2012. The quirky characters are back, the gratuitous violence, the bazillion guns, the incredible variety of skill trees to explore, the... More
  • Blog Post: Best game of 2012

    First things first. This was the best game released in 2012. I remember when they announced the sequel I thought "How can they possibly improve on a game so good as the first one?" Well, they did in basically every way. If you liked Borderlands 1, this will likely be your favorite game from... More
  • Blog Post: Unbelievable, that something like Borderlands could be improved upon this much!!!

    If you played the first Borderlands then you already know you want to see what they've done with the second!!! This game was a blast, not to mention Lilith has a voice along with all the other vault hunters. So it has a bit more of that crazy that made the first game so much fun to play through.... More
  • Blog Post: 2 > 1 > Everything Else

    Hands down, better than 1 in every way. It took everything about 1, and made it way better. As for comparing it to contemporary games, it surpasses CoD, and just about everything else in all ways possible way. It's humorous, action-packed, intense, beautiful, amazing, and most importantly, badass... More
  • Blog Post: The Shining Visual and Pop Culture Spectacle of Borderlands 2

    It was over a year ago that a friend of mine recommended I try Borderlands. I enjoyed spending hours with him on Pandora and shooting the comical bandits whose inspiration seems to have been taken from a Mad Max film. The underlying comedic references were good, but there was something. I found myself... More
  • Blog Post: Grinder or Pickup and play?

    With recently completing this game, I found it to be similar to the first installment. I mean that in both the good way and the bad way.. There are still thousands of guns and items galore, a long with some interesting characters and dialogue, and mobs that you'll laugh at or fear when sighted. This... More
  • Blog Post: Bigger, Better, and More Bada$$

    Many games have experimented with genre blending, and three years ago, Gearbox decided to blend the best aspects of a co-op shooter and RPG gameplay. Soon after, Borderlands was born and was met with critical and consumer acclaim. On September 18, Borderlands 2 was released, and Gearbox did an excellent... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2: Borderlands 2 Is an Example of Sequels Done Right

    Borderlands 2 is the ultimate four-player Role-Playing Shooter loot fest. Combining invention and evolution, Borderlands 2 features characters, skills, environments, enemies, weapons and equipment, which come together to create the most entertaining experience that I have ever played. Borderlands 2 tries... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2: A Welcomed Return to Pandora

    The original Borderlands combined the best aspects of the first person shooter and action RPG genres into a hybrid game that entranced gamers with its tight shooting mechanics, fun cooperative game play and its literally millions upon millions of guns. Three years later, Gearbox Software has released... More
  • Blog Post: Scooter Syndrome

    Despite the improvements Gearbox packed into every corner of Borderlands 2 , the final product is probably most similar to everyone's favorite hillbilly gearhead: A bit too full of the previous iteration's DNA and a couple eggs short of a full basket. Much like Scooter, Borderlands 2 is likable... More
  • Blog Post: RFXRage's Review of Borderlands 2

    Game of the Year. This was an instant thought of mine as soon as I shot my final bullet deep into the chest of the warrior. Borderlands 2 excels in almost every aspect and is just shy of gaming nirvana. The combination of FPS action and RPG customization provides a smooth and incredibly enjoyable ride... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2

    Borderlands 1 was a great game. It wasn't perfect, but worth the price of admission. Most of us that played it knew a sequel was inevitable. Here we are. I have to say, it is has superceded my expectations just by improving the narrative. It doesn't stop there, though. Gameplay is seamless as... More
  • Blog Post: This Ain't No Place For a Hero, But You Can Still Catch a Ride

    When the original Borderlands launched I wasn't too sure what to expect, however I quickly fell in love with the blend on FPS, looting, and RPG character building as well as the awesome space western vibe it had going for it. The original Borderlands had a lot going for it for example it implemented... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2 : Now with MORE fun!

    In the borderlands, there is a high probability that you will either be shot, mangled, or eaten. Luckily for you, you have some bad ass skills. Oh, and a BAZILLION guns! Borderlands 2 takes place five years after the events of the first one, where *Spoiler* you opened the vault only to find a huge monster... More
  • Blog Post: Hellooooooo Traveler! Welcome to Greatness!

    Been a while since my last review, and it's high time I fixed that with one of my most anticipated games of the year, Borderlands 2! Let's get one thing out of the way right now; if you haven't played the first game, I highly recommend you play it IMMEDIATELY. I loved every bit of the original... More
  • Blog Post: An AMAZING game!! Great sequel!

    Believe everything you have read about this game. It's one of the best games I've ever played, my opinion, and will definitely be a contender for game of the year, The ONLY reason why I'm not rating it a 10 is because with every game there is always something that bothers you or you wish... More
  • Blog Post: Better than the first.

    As my co-workers and I agree, "the first 5 minutes is better than all of Borderlands". Borderlands is a great game, but Borderlands 2 improves on every aspect of the original to bring us something far more addicting. You would be a fool not to get this game! More
  • Blog Post: Going beyond expectations

    After beating Borderlands, I reminisced about some of the best gaming experiences I had. Borderlands was memorable with friends, and was probably my favorite co-op experiences of last generation. But, Borderlands 2 has already destroyed Borderlands. Borderlands 2 starts out in a way that is MUCH more... More
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