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  • Blog Post: borderlands 2 a really, Really good game

    This game is basically skyrim with every crazy co-op shooter and its AMAZING. Any way you look at it it is awesome and fun. From the different charecter powers to the infinite amount of guns this is great. And one more thing. BEST CO-OP SHOOTER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More
  • Blog Post: 2 > 1 > Everything Else

    Hands down, better than 1 in every way. It took everything about 1, and made it way better. As for comparing it to contemporary games, it surpasses CoD, and just about everything else in all ways possible way. It's humorous, action-packed, intense, beautiful, amazing, and most importantly, badass... More
  • Blog Post: Buttstallion, bonerfarts, midgets, oh my!

    Borderlands 2 is what a sequel should be. Developed by Gearbox Software, It took the core ideas of the original game and refined them, notably the guns. In this lootfest, players take control of one of four classes, each varied and with three separate skill trees that add to the already outstanding replayability... More
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