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Anybody think Battlefield 4 is releasing too soon?

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  • In all honesty.. I really dont want to accept that ever year we will be getting a new battlefield. In that knowledge.. i get that bad taste in my mouth i got from every year getting the same thing from call of duty. 

    As much as i love battlefield.. i really want some solid changes to be done to this game for it to be worth buying it again. The single player campaign seems pretty well the same from battlefield 3 except the the obvious graphics boost to water and destruction. Sure you can get into a jeep as an option to kill the bad guys, sure you can compete for leaderboards on missions or specific tasks but.. is that really going to get me back into the campaign over and over again?


    The original battlefields although aged horribly in the graphics dept.. did an excellent job in terms of single player. Basically for those who have not played the original battlefields, they allowed you to go up against bots and really hone your skills in conquest mode.

    They could easily incorporate this in a campaign setting allowing for mini missions within your mission . Capture the base, defuse a bomb.. and use whatever vehicles you want. That would be awesome!. This would also allow for coop naturally. They can drop in and out as they please. help you out on your particular mission. 

    Having said that, the multiplayer is where i spend most of my time anyways. So as far as the campaign is concerned.. they might as well just ship me a multiplayer disk because in my opinion.. the game isnt really all that different from battlefield 3.  In multiplayer, i expect great things.. massively great things. Basically top battlefield 3's multiplayer and then some.

     Rumors are that there will be naval combat also.. this would be a plus since previous installments also had naval battles, this includes submarines or course. It is also rumored that commander mode is back, so that should be a good thing also. 

    Otherwise have everything from battlefield 3, only make sure to have 64 player servers..


    what do you guys think?, opinions?   constructive and respectful guys.. please.

  • Well i don't think it's to soon mainly because next gen consoles are coming out soon and it would be nice to have some big titles to play when they come out, but not if it means were getting an updated version of bf3, lets just hope that they put all there effort into it.

  • It's rather shameful how they (EA) managed to sell us all this content for BF3 and then more or less render it obsolete by announcing the next game in the series.  I don't want to be one of ten or twelve people swimming in a giant sea of 64 player map.  We bought the content, they should not be stepping up their greed by moving on to the next money maker just yet.  Give us our $110 worth.

  • Its all because its their desperate push to lure the massive fan bases for BF3 to stay with Xbox One. i truly believe that if Xbox One wasn't being released  or unveiled, Battlefield 4 will still be in the workshop being made into something better.

    I think its safe to say that we are going to see a lot of disappointments in BF4 and  we are going to notice key signs of COD game play in BF4 along with mirrored content from BF3.

    Its way too rushed for what they have proposed to have done and now they have announced the release of a tablet versions of BF4 i mean WTF i do not get a good feeling from this at all and i love Battlefield as a whole.

  • When I play BF3 I become easily bored and it just makes me feel like I can't do anything more in the game apart from level up. But when I play BFBC2 I enjoy it. To me has a playability factor that just makes me want to play it because its fun. This is what BF3 lacks. If they could somehow incorporate that playability factor into BF4 I would enjoy it a whole lot more. Lets hope EA and Dice listen to what the people want like Microsoft. Then I'll be happy to wait for the release of BF4.

  • I don’t think it is too early at all it’s a good time to upgrade. Like ncurt13 said BF3 has become boring as it seems all first person shooter have become to do you Can only run around shooting people for so long on the same game layout.

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