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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Also on PC , 3DS


If Bruce Wayne hangs up his cape and cowl to pursue a normal life, he should consider becoming a repairman who specializes in air conditioners and security systems. In Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, he spends an exhaustive amount of time crawling through Blackgate Penitentiary’s air ducts and using his gadgets to interact with a wide variety of electronics. He’s employed these techniques in all of his Arkham adventures, but never so intently. This is developer Armature Studio’s first original title, and it’s an ambitious effort that establishes a tantalizing foundation


  • Name: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
  • Platform: PlayStation Vita
  • 1 Players
  • Developer: Armature
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Offline Multiplayer:
  • Online Multiplayer:
Accessibility Features
  • Subtitles: No
  • [cc]: No
  • Colorblind Mode: No
  • Multiple Difficulty Settings: No
  • In-game Help/Hint System: No
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