If you haven't noticed while you were grapling and gliding around Arkham City, there are plenty of Riddler Trophies to collect. These little question-marked collectibles are scattered EVERYWHERE in the city from being outside, to being inside buildings like the Steel Mill and the Museum, and there's a LOT of them. 400 to be exact: that's an intimidating number, but I have some tips to make your collecting a bit easier. Most trophies are pretty easy to figure out while others can be a little tricky to solve.                                                Why should you get the trophies? I'm glad I asked for you! Finding and collecting them unlocks lots of goodies like concept art, 3D models of characters in the game, and Riddler's Revenge Challenges and Campaigns for you to complete. Plus, if you're a completionist like me, you just can't resist finding everything. Also if you want to catch The Riddler you need to find ALL the trophies, solve ALL the riddles, and complete ALL the challenges he has set for each district of the city. That's a lot to do! Luckily for you, after the first side mission that kickstarts the Riddler quest, all The Riddler's inside men are highlighted green throughout the city. When interrogated, they reveal the locations of any trophies, answers to riddles, and breakable objects. This will be extremely helpful, so be sure to interrogate any green goons you spot in the city! Now, I don't want to tell you exactly where EVERY trophy is and tell you exactly how to get it, that would ruin the fun! I just want to give a couple tips that will help you to succeed! Now as far as getting the trophies, some are like mini-puzzles you need to figure out in order to get them in your grasp. The Riddler never makes anything easy. A couple of these trophies had me stumped for a while until I had to look on the internet for answers. Here are some things you may have not known that will be very helpful in your venture.

1. Have you noticed the question marked buttons around the city? If you've ever stopped and examined one you'll notice that very shortly after you step off of it, it deactivates. Now I thought I had to go from one button to the next very quickly, because some trophies require you to activate 3 or 4 of them to open up the cage they're in. The secret is that you CANNOT touch the ground after you activate a button. So you need to glide or zip-line to all the buttons without touching the ground to open the cage.

2. Explosive Gel can activate a button, which is super handy with some trophies.

3. Say you have all 3 of your explosive gels out. Did you know you can zoom in on each individual one, and detonate them one at a time rather than all at once? This helps especially in one of the puzzles.


Now some of these things may have been obvious and I've just made a fool of myself, but with this information you should be able to snatch up any trophies you find! Happy collecting Caped Crusaders!

P.S. If there are any trophies you can't figure out, feel free to ask me!