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Arkham City: A perfect 10?

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  • As many may know, perfect 10's are extremely hard to come by when being measured up to Gameinfomer's expectations. There are literally only a handful of games that have received such an honor. Games include Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and a couple others. Due to a lack of money, I do not have the means to purchase or rent the game to see for myself. Can someone explain to me (and others) what made this game perfect? 

  • The users don't believe it deserves a perfect 10. Maybe the reviewer is just a fanboy, maybe they were bought off. Either way the game is NOT perfect and doesn't deserve a perfect rating.

    • Some days it just isn't worth chewing through the restraints...
  • I truly believe the game deserved the 10 it got, the story is gripping and extremely compelling, character interaction for side-quests lacks, but still just as fun. And on top of that, I stand by Reiner on hie decision to give Arkham City a 10. Everything he talks about in his review is spot on for how you should feel about the game. My only true complaint is that the main story is fairly short, but the Riddler Challenges are more than enough to drive you insane. Out of everything that has come from this game, Open world sandbox games have a lot to take from the integrity of this game, and I don't understand why certain members of the community are complaining about this game getting a 10.There's a reason why User Reviews exist so stop getting upset over others opinions...

  • Definetly a perfect ten

  • I couldn't agree more!

  • This game cranks it up to 11!!!

  • Jynxed:

    The users don't believe it deserves a perfect 10. Maybe the reviewer is just a fanboy, maybe they were bought off. Either way the game is NOT perfect and doesn't deserve a perfect rating.


    You know, I had to read your opinion twice for it to sink in. You're saying GI staff can just be bribed into giving a game a 10? They give games a 10 because it deserves a 10, and if you'll look at the other people replying to this, you'll see that the users DO think it deserves a 10. Just because your opinion differs from the masses doesn't mean the masses are wrong. Of course, this is a biased opinon, as I am one of the masses.

  • Who are you talking to? Cause if you're talking to me, I stated that 10s are hard to come by.  I believe that 10 games get 10s because they deserve them.

  • My apologies. I thought you were talking to me because I did not see the "@" symbol.

  • I think it deserves a perfect 10 also,I have this game at home i've beaten the story line

    but thats the problem i concentrated on beating the story line so much i forgot there

    were so many side quest, now im doing them and i have to say once again it deserves

    a perfect 10.

  • Dude its one of the best games youll ever play buy it and see for yourself

  • It really good, but I don't know about a perfect 10 out of 10. Probably a 9.75 out of 10.Those games are 10 out of 10.

  • Ok Batman Arkham City i can see why it could be a 10, and i'll admitt i'm a huge Batman fan and thinks this game should have beaten Skyrim for GOFTY, I think Arkham City could have been a bit bigger than it was but the reason why some give it a 10 is because the story is near perfect, it's dark with twists and turns, great characters Voice Acting is top notch like the previous one, the gamplay is smooth and and make you feel like such a bad a$$ after you beat a huge group of thugs, sometimes the combat is bit delayed but thats being picky, and the graphics are just incredible, breath taken, and really help with the tone that the game is trying to convey. the execution of the game  was done so well i mean let's be honest if you compare this game to the other 10 out of 10 games you listed which is better Arkham City or COD4? Guns of the Patriots? Metal Gear 4? in my personal i think arkham is better than these at least, i think we can safely say that it's close to a perfect game if you want to nitkpick but the Arkham series is one of the best series today and it's understandable why some would give it a 10 it is that good because of the look of it, the feel of it, the twist and turns that keep you guessing threw the story, and it really takes in, it's either close to or just a perfect game.

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