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  • Blog Post: The Fury of Asura

    Ridiculous, that is the word that stayed lodged in my mind as my time with Asura’s Wrath came to an end. I don’t believe there is a better word to describe a game that opens with a space fight between impure beasts and demigods ending with Earth sprouting a squid like monster and getting... More
  • Blog Post: Asura's wrath is more than just a mix of gimmicks poorly tied together to create a great story.

    Whenever Cyberconnet2 tries something new I can't help but wounder what goodies they have in store for us. Their games while not the most critically acclaimed manage to be distinct enough in their own right to warrant checking out. From the Niche games that they've created such as silent bomber... More
  • Blog Post: Asura's Wrath

    Asura's Wrath is by far the most original game I have played all year. The combat is unique, excellent story telling, and jaw dropping moments are thrown at you constantly throughout your journey. You are Asura. He is one of eight guardian generals that act as defenders of the world and fight evil... More
  • Blog Post: Something very Different - And something that Needed to Happen in Gaming

    So I see this game on the shelf, pick it up and look at the back like everyone does. I read "A stunning mix of science fiction and Asian mythology". Science fiction and Asian mythology? Come on! Well I got eventually and I was very impressed within the first couple of minutes. You are in space... More
  • Blog Post: The Gods Are Angry

    Capcom's newest title is a revenge tale that I thought was destined to succumb to commonplace elements so many video games are known for. The hero is wronged, he sets out on a quest to destroy his enemies, and the rest is history. I was pleasantly surprised in this respect, however, for Asura's... More
  • Blog Post: MARVELOUS!

    I have really enjoyed this particular game. Yes, it is quite different from all the other genres but that is what makes this game unique. The first thing that caught my attention was the music. As you progress through the game the music really puts you in the thick of the battle. Making you notice your... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Anime You've Played This Year

    There are games, and then there's Asura's Wrath, an anime inspired sci-fi brawler mixed with a little Hindu mythology. Visually, it's probably one of the greatest artistic achievements I've seen this generation, rife with outstanding battles, compelling characters, and focused yet simplistic... More
  • Blog Post: Angrier Than Kratos

    Thousands of Gohma float through the sky towards The Eight Guardian Generals. Impurity levels flash on screen, some in the hundred thousands. Asura lets out a yell and jumps toward one. Mashing down on the attack button I punch my way through it. The opening scene for Asura's Wrath is epic in scale... More
  • Blog Post: Asuras Wrath: Demigod- family= RAGE!!!!

    Asura is one of the 8 Guardian generals that protects the world of Gaia. After he is blamed for the murder of the emperer, and when his wife is killed, and when his daughter is stolen, and when he is banished to a strange world of Naraka, he's pretty ticked. Asuras Wrath is a brilliant combination... More
  • Blog Post: Asura's Wrath: Game or Anime?

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Anime fans and over-the-top action junkies will find plenty of gorgeous, stylistic visuals and outrageous battle scenarios with CyberConnect2's action game Asura's Wrath. In the midst of ultrarealistic, brown and grey art design in the industry,... More
  • Blog Post: Action and Entertainment in a Blink of the Eye

    I'm going to start off by saying ASURA'S WRATH's biggest problem is it's length. It took me somewhere in the ballpark of three hours to complete it on normal, and that includes all nineteen episodes. That alone takes a full point away. The remaining quarter of a point is taken away because... More
  • Blog Post: Definitely overrated

    I am going to keep it short: techincally good, interesting style, game play meeeeh, story (turd). Capcom must have a paid a lot for those reviews... More
  • Blog Post: This game suck...period!

    It's just a bad's like Dragon ball Z took a God Of War concept and totally misunderstood it! More
  • Blog Post: Rage in a disk

    I agree with the review, it is a good game that many will enjoy. While there is that certain group who prefer a more methodical approach as evidenced by DMC or assassin's creed, but I can't think of a better way to vent some steam then popping this game in and off-loading some fisticuffs on some... More
  • Blog Post: Asura's Wrath

    This is a solid Manga syled interactive game. It borders more on anime cinema than an actual game, hoenstly this games offers around 2 hours of actual gameplay, while rest of the time, its more conceptual linear driven chapters that play out as if it was a sitcom, and they even included a trailer before... More
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