Man hunt is a team based game mode in every assassin's Creed that has multiplayer. One team has to kill the players on another. Points are rewarded for hiding, stunning, and killing. sometimes, however, the other team seems to always know where you are. Here is a guide to fend off both noobs and no-lifes (like myself).

the two biggest things you need are your two perks. You want to equip morph, a perk that turns all NPCs in the area into your character, and bodyguard, this sends an NPC that looks like your character to who ever you lock on and will stun them. for long range you'll want to have the throwing knife equipped.

At the beginning of the match or when ever if replenishes, morph a group of NPCs. If the group is moving stay in the group. if the group is stationary, hide in a nearby group, haystack, bench, ect.

If you see an enemy approaching your group, you can send your bodyguard after him/her. If your bodyguard stuns the enemy, you'll receive 100 points; in this case you'll have time to make your escape or stick around for another stun, if your enemy kills the bodyguard you can approach your enemy and stun him yourself now that he/she cannot kill you; if your enemy tries to flee, you can hit him/her with a throwing knife to slow him/her down. if your enemy climbs something when your bodyguard approaches RUN, your body guard cannot stun an opponent when they are elevated.

This tactic also works better with a group of people on the same page.

As for offense, you'll want either money bomb or firecracker (what ever you prefer) and disguise.

Firecracker/money bomb will help you discover who your target compared to who is a citizen, try not to use it so close to your target, you will blow your cover and they may be within stunning distance. disguise will help you see what the situation is before you attack.


stick near other team mates on defense to increase the XP you get.

Stay in the back of the pack, if you aren't the first dead or stunned you can now see your target.