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  • Blog Post: Who needs a storyline anyway?

    I'm a huge fan of the original army of two games, and let me say this game does not disappoint. I LOVE this game. Sure it's a barebones action shooter but that's what the person buying this game should go into it thinking. There were also a few pleasant surprises in this game. For one the... More
  • Blog Post: Best Army of Two with MINOR flaws

    Viceral has brought me back into the Army of Two fold. I have played all 3 iterations of the series. In my opinion, The devils Cartel is the most exciting of the three. Hectic shootouts, brilliant explosions and adrenalin inducing violence has snagged me in hook, line and sinker. Alpha and Bravo may... More
  • Blog Post: A great, fun game!

    My brother-in-law and I played this on Tuesday when it came out and beat it that day after 10 hours of play. All in all, the game was extremely fun co-op and very entertaining. There were big explosions and the action was fun as hell. We didn't see any glitches and the firefights were very smooth... More
  • Blog Post: Worthy of a few minutes of your time (though it's not worth much else)!

    The Gameinformer review gets it right. The game is moderately paced with predictable story turns, and unimaginative writing. The "bro speak" is still juvenile, but funny and enjoyable none the less. The controls are slightly tighter than previous entries in the franchise. All of these aspects... More
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