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  • Blog Post: Our Choices In Always Sometimes Monsters: Murder And Defecation

    I was excited when I found out that Vagabond Dog’s Always Sometimes Monsters was going to be at PAX East. I greatly enjoyed the game when I stumbled upon it in the PAX Prime Indie Megabooth in August. If you haven’t read that preview, I’d strongly recommend doing that first . This time... More
  • Blog Post: Words Outnumber Swords In Story-Driven RPG Launching May 21

    When I met with Always Sometimes Monsters creator Justin Amirkhani at PAX 2013, he told me that, despite a fondness for playing action titles, his heart is in creating story-based games. When I got back to my room to play a build of his game, I could see his passions were put to good use. Always Sometimes... More
  • Blog Post: Vagabond Dog's RPG Puts Society Under The Microscope

    The Indie Mega Booth at PAX 2013 is filled with rich experiences that require visitors to take a chance. You never know what you're going to get when you sit down with one of the titles in this special area of the show floor. In so many ways, Vagabond Dog's Always Sometimes Monsters is a perfect... More
  • Blog Post: An RPG About Real Life

    So many RPGs tell a grand tale of worlds in peril and heroes that come from meager beginnings. Always Sometimes Monsters from Vagabond Dog and Devolver Digital is none of that. It's about real life, relationships, and a love slipping away. Players can choose to enter this classic-looking RPG as a... More
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