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  • Blog Post: Aliens: The Game That Is Not That Bad

    I have read all of the articles and watched all the videos. I get it. Aliens: Colonial Marines is NOT what it should have been. It's not what was promised. Apparently, it's not even the game it once was. The plot is horrible. The Artificial Intelligence is not intelligent. The textures are inconsistent... More
  • Blog Post: Micro changes in air density, my ass.

    There's not many things in this world that royally piss me off. I like to think of myself as a pretty laidback character, but one of me biggest pet peeves is hype with the inability to pay off. Cloverfield, Dallas Cowboys, Duke Nukem Forever, the list could go on and on. But sadly to add on this... More
  • Blog Post: 4?.....Really?

    Someone needs to do a bug-hunt for whatever crawls up some of these reviewers butts. I can't, for the life of me, understand how this game warrants a 4. Now, perhaps the reviewer, and some of the fan community, have gone with...elevated expectations. It's understandable, hey, I love the Alien... More
  • Blog Post: An Express Elevator to Hell (and not in a good way)

    Video games have been borrowing from the Aliens franchise for a long time. Halo's space marines are almost carbon copies of the foul-mouthed, rough and ready colonial marines from the film franchise. It's not hard to see where the space-horror franchise Dead Space drew its inspiration from, and... More
  • Blog Post: Aliens: Colonial Mariens. A Dissapointment? Yes. A 4/10? No.

    Alright, I want to start off by saying I think GI was WAY too harsh with this game. It is by no means a 4/10. With that said do I think it is a truly great game? No. I am among the many who have been waiting for this game for five years since it's debut in Game Informer's March 2008 issue and... More
  • Blog Post: A slightly flawed game that's still really fun.

    I really like this game, it's not a masterpiece, it's not terribly inovative but it's a fun game. I've played it on Xbox and PC, it looks great on PC and it looks fine on Xbox, there are some graphical issues on Xbox like some screen tearing and a few muddy textures but it's not as... More
  • Blog Post: Why all the negative reviews?

    Im not too sure whats going on with all the review sites. Lots of negative reviews, 3's, 4's. Whats going on? Hell I think Aliens vs Predators (the newest one) got better reviews than this, and honestly I found that game worse than this. Me and a few of my friends pre ordered this game on PC... More
  • Blog Post: Aliens Cm Rocks!!!

    I personally think this game is amazing. The cons are that there is not the best graphics, glitches (major patch just released today),bad AI which i haven't seen. Patches will fix it hopefully. and short story. which will be finished in dlc. Its a scam but i really dont care. If you came to revisit... More
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