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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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  • Forum Post: Pokemon World Tournament - Kanto, Unova, Johto, Sinnoh Gym Leaders Epic!

    What's happening guys, so I'm posting a videos on the Pokemon World Tournament - Region Gym Leaders. Here's the Kanto Leaders, Misty, Brock, and Blaine :) Hope you guys enjoy it and please subscribe!
  • Forum Post: Saying good bye to my DS

    I received a Nintendo DS when they first came out and it was fantastic. I have enjoyed countless hours of fun with it. Until recently it was in pretty good condition except for a scratch on the touch screen. One day I was playing Pokemon SoulSilver and I left my DS open on the floor of my living room...
  • Forum Post: Should I Buy Pokemon Black/White?

    Lately, my friends have really wanted me to buy either Pokemon Black or Pokemon White, but i'm not sure if I should or not. I used to play Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, and I loved both of those games. Now, i'm just not sure, mainly because i'm not into Pokemon as much as I used to be...
  • Forum Post: Dugeon Crawlers on the DS

    I've had my trusty DS for many of years now and have enjoyed the great variety of games for it. But, I do have one problem what's with the lack of good dugeon crawlers for it. Yes, I've tried my hand at the mystery dugeon series, but their plain not fun. I'm not worried about the challenge...
  • Forum Post: Re: POKE'MON, the story of how I never managed to catch them all.

    Andrew Reiner: I caught them all twice. Aw you've gotta be kidding... :P In what version? I was one of the unfortunate souls from the R/B days who legitimately caught all but one (Diglett for some reason... even had Mew), and was on my way to catch it. I saved my game, and the file just never showed...
  • Forum Post: What are you looking forward to in Pokemon Heart Gold and/or Soul Silver?

    Well, all I want to you to do is tell me what part of Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver you are looking forward to the most. For me I would have to say that I can't wait to explore Johto again, its been and will always be my favorite region, I also can't wait to battle Red again, he...
  • Forum Post: Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    Best DS game grapics yet
  • Forum Post: Do Pokemon fanatics still exist?

    I think a lot are just latent now. I think most people are just waiting for the next 'big thing' from it, whatever that may be (e.g. something like a 3D console game based off the main handheld titles). Hell Nintendo may even crap out an MMO --- but that's assuming they get past their online...
  • Forum Post: POKE'MON, the story of how I never managed to catch them all.

    CAN YOU SAY...$$$$$$$, no, technically you cant. and yes, if you havent noticed, there is something wrong with these pictures. I 'd like to share with anyone reading this from some anonymous guy, my experience with the crazy phenomenon that swept the world over 10 years ago,spawning the obligatory...
  • Forum Post: My view on the DSi

    My opinion on the DSi is that it is a good gaming system and the features like the camera, music, etc. are great. However, the lack of a GBA port hurts it in my eyes. Overall, I'll stick with my DSLite, but would probably upgrade to the DSi in the event of my old DS breaking or needing replacement...
  • Forum Post: Do Pokemon fanatics still exist?

    Absolutely there are, and I'm one of them as well.
  • Forum Post: Do Pokemon fanatics still exist?

    Ah, Pokemon Platinum! The same story line as Diamond and Pearl, but we all know that we loved it and played it every waking every hour of lives, well until we got our small friends levels up to 100, or cheated and used a Game Shark to spawn up level 100s then spawn infinite Master Balls? But are there...
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