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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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  • Forum Post: 3DS/XL Holiday Bundles I want

    If Nintendo really wants 3DS sales to spike I think they should have a $150 3DS Super Mario 3D Land (maybe pre-installed) bundle in multiple colors and the same for the 3DSXL at $200. I know myself and many friends would be all over this. Maybe even include another game and a case/stylus for 50 more...
  • Forum Post: The Full List of GBA Ambassador Games are Released! What do you Think About Them?

    Nintendo has released the full list of GBA Ambassador games (so far, it's only in Japan) and they are awesome games! These games will come out on December 16, 2011. The full list is below. GBA Games: Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Mario Kart: Super Circuit Metroid Fusion WarioWare Inc...
  • Forum Post: Super Mario or Mario Kart?

    I'm going to get enough money for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and a 3DS game soon. So i'm either going to get Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart 7 but I can't decide which one. I've been watching the E3 and TGS videos in 3D and i've been looking up info to see what is better...
  • Forum Post: What is the best DS game in your opinion?

    Mine is a tie Between Hotel Dusk and Super Mario Bros.. Super Mario Bros. was my first experience with Mario and Hotel Dusk had a quirky charm to it.
  • Forum Post: Mario 3ds Speculation Thread

    I did research to see if I can find a post like this and I came up short, so tell me if there is one, I searched it read through a few pages, and nothing. So what do you guys think the new Mario is like. It is being developed by the same studio as Super Mario Galaxy, but doesn't quite look like galaxy...
  • Forum Post: Best Character and Kart on MarioKart

    what is the best person to use to beat the 150cc class. ive been having trouble using luigi and the poltergust3000
  • Forum Post: How many hours did it take to beat Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story?

    EXP. it took me 30 hours to beat it. how about you?
  • Forum Post: A new mario bros game for the DS

    I like the Mario series, and they are still making games for the DS, but when, or will, there be another New Super Mario bros. like the one from a few years ago? Does anyone else think there should be a new game made like: New Super Mario bros 2 for the DS or DSi? I still love the original for the versus...
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