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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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  • Forum Post: games

    that is so true depending o how many games you have for the DS or 3DS
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite pokemon and why?

    My favorite pokemon is Mewtwo because first of all it got is own movie. It was the hardest pokemon to catch in the Kanto region because you had to go into the Cerulean city cave in order to catch him. Also I love Pyschic type pokemon and Mewtwo can learn a hue variety of moves. ALso my Mewtwo had recover...
  • Forum Post: Most unexpected DS game that was good

    For me I would have to say the world ends with you. I wanted to get it even if wasnt good but to my surprise it was well reviewed just not played by alot of people.
  • Forum Post: What is the best DS game in your opinion?

    Mine is a tie Between Hotel Dusk and Super Mario Bros.. Super Mario Bros. was my first experience with Mario and Hotel Dusk had a quirky charm to it.
  • Forum Post: Wanna trade 3ds friend codes?

    Does anybody want to exchange frind codes for the 3ds? It would be cool to play with some of the awesome GIO Allstars! Anywho, my name is mojomonkey and my code is 0946-2250-4115. If you want to add me, please do, just reply with your name and code so I know who it is. And why is penis a tag option?...
  • Forum Post: Major League Baseball 2K10 for DS

    I got this game and I like it a lot: except that Milton Bradley is on the Cubs! How could they not fix this by this year! He was done before the end of the 09 season. I thought these games placed a premium on getting the rosters accurately.
  • Forum Post: Best Character and Kart on MarioKart

    what is the best person to use to beat the 150cc class. ive been having trouble using luigi and the poltergust3000
  • Forum Post: What Nintendo DS games do you suggest for my 5 year old?

    Hey all, I am much more of a console and PC gamer and never really got into the hand helds, so my knowledge is not that great in that area. I am looking to get my 5 year old daughter a couple games and wanted to know what any of you thought would be good picks. She likes everything, so don't worry...
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