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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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  • Forum Post: 3DS XL Issue Turning On (popping noise)

    Recently I had an issue with my 3DS XL. I went to turn it on and the blue light came on, then a couple seconds later, the system shut off. Assuming it needed charged I charged my 3DS for an hour or so, then tried to play it again. The exact same thing happened. After doing some searches online I found...
  • Forum Post: AiRace Speed (3DS eShop) Official Thread

    Hi there! I want to inform you all that AiRace Speed is available now in Europe, Australia and America! Download it from the eShop for 4,99$, 4,99€ or £4,49 and let your Nintendo 3DS™ discover the true meaning of speed and adrenaline. Check out gameplay footage in this stunning trailer...

    So just got animal crossing and it's awesome but since it's the first day that it's out and I'm trying to hold off on time-skipping on this game, i wanna try out the new online stuff to pass time until in game shops and characters are available. So if you're like me and want to play...
  • Forum Post: UK/US pricing

    I was looking recently at the eshop and it did get me thinking how expensive everything was compared to other platforms. Of course android and iOS devices are far cheaper overall and steam... Well steam is just amazing. Then I got thinking if the prices are different abroad. I'm from the UK and we...
  • Forum Post: 3DS/XL Holiday Bundles I want

    If Nintendo really wants 3DS sales to spike I think they should have a $150 3DS Super Mario 3D Land (maybe pre-installed) bundle in multiple colors and the same for the 3DSXL at $200. I know myself and many friends would be all over this. Maybe even include another game and a case/stylus for 50 more...
  • Forum Post: Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Best Dream eater combinations.

    I basically want to find out what Dream Eaters are being utilized for the most expansive ability lists.
  • Forum Post: The 50 eShop Games Blog: Do You Want To Join?

    Hi guys! One of my best friends on GI, Kid Ica, is planning on doing a blog called The 50 eShop Games. It is this blog where you review one eShop game in a paragraph. Kid Ica needs people to help make the blog, so we need to know if you want to help us make the blog. I am going to be one of the people...
  • Forum Post: Pokemon World Tournament - Kanto, Unova, Johto, Sinnoh Gym Leaders Epic!

    What's happening guys, so I'm posting a videos on the Pokemon World Tournament - Region Gym Leaders. Here's the Kanto Leaders, Misty, Brock, and Blaine :) Hope you guys enjoy it and please subscribe!
  • Forum Post: Heroes of Ruin

    So the GI review of Heroes of Ruin has me a bit upset. Generally I agree with almost all of GI's reviews and the fact that it got a 6 has me a tad disappointed. So after that I went and checked metacritic and learned it's basically getting the same scores from most critics. I consider a game...
  • Forum Post: Mario Tennis Open online matches

    If anyone is interested in playing Mario Tennis Open online, please post!
  • Forum Post: Mario Kart 7 tournaments

    Mario Kart 7 has a great online mode and it's a lot of fun with multiple people. With that, We've started a tournament for Mario Kart 7. If there's plans for a tournament, this forum will be updated with the date, time, and/or rules. Come on, join the fun! If you are interested in joining...
  • Forum Post: Spirit Camera

    I've been thinking to myself, should i get Spirit Camera or not cause i'm kinda bored right now so i'm not sure if i should buy it. Any suggestion for me to buy it or not to buy it, comment please.
  • Forum Post: Kid Icarus: Uprising tournament

    Kid Icarus has a great online multiplayer. If you've played it before then you know how fun (and chaotic) it can be. Kid Ica had a great idea of holding a Kid Icarus Uprising tournament. If you're interested in participating be sure to reply either here, my profile page or Kid Ica 's profile...
  • Forum Post: Moving stuff around on the 3DS is totally possible

    I just found out recently that you can actually move the apps on a 3DS around. Am I the only one who took so long to learn how or is this news to you as well?
  • Forum Post: games

    that is so true depending o how many games you have for the DS or 3DS
  • Forum Post: Game to play the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards with

    can anyone think of some way to put all these useless AR cards to use? i was thinking since you could make them fight based on there stats then maybe there could be a way to make a game out of it.
  • Forum Post: 3ds friend code to play kid icarus

    im incredibly hyped for kid icarus and im sure many others are too only 9 days from today until it comes out and thats 9 too many DX my friend code is: 4639-8980-9652 name: Newt add me only if you want to play kid icarus and add my profile on GI too send me a swapnote saying what day and time you wanna...
  • Forum Post: Should I get a Nintendo 3DS?

    I like mobile gaming, but I want something more serious than just a phone with games. I would buy a PS Vita, but it is a bit too pricy. So, I have decided to get the 3DS, but I am not sure on whether or not I should get it. I heard that it is pretty cool and all, but I want to know if there are any other...
  • Forum Post: What Is Your Favorite 3DS Game?

    There probably already is another thread with this topic, i'm not sure if there is or not, but this is where you can say what your favorite 3DS game is. Is Mario Kart 7 your favorite 3DS game? Then just type it in the comment box and post it! Is Super Mario 3D Land your favorite 3DS game? Then just...
  • Forum Post: do you think the dsi changed handhelds?

    yes. it turned it around big time from when it first came out to when the 3ds came out its still the greatest handheld now! and what!!
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