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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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  • Forum Post: 3DS XL Issue Turning On (popping noise)

    Recently I had an issue with my 3DS XL. I went to turn it on and the blue light came on, then a couple seconds later, the system shut off. Assuming it needed charged I charged my 3DS for an hour or so, then tried to play it again. The exact same thing happened. After doing some searches online I found...

    So just got animal crossing and it's awesome but since it's the first day that it's out and I'm trying to hold off on time-skipping on this game, i wanna try out the new online stuff to pass time until in game shops and characters are available. So if you're like me and want to play...
  • Forum Post: UK/US pricing

    I was looking recently at the eshop and it did get me thinking how expensive everything was compared to other platforms. Of course android and iOS devices are far cheaper overall and steam... Well steam is just amazing. Then I got thinking if the prices are different abroad. I'm from the UK and we...
  • Forum Post: 3DS/XL Holiday Bundles I want

    If Nintendo really wants 3DS sales to spike I think they should have a $150 3DS Super Mario 3D Land (maybe pre-installed) bundle in multiple colors and the same for the 3DSXL at $200. I know myself and many friends would be all over this. Maybe even include another game and a case/stylus for 50 more...
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