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Concerning Pokemon X/Y legendaries...

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  • I don't know if anyone else is sick of this but I'm pretty tired of people in the GTS requested legendaries even when I'm looking for something really common like a Skiddo or Inkay. There are some that won't be that shallow but most people are that I've seen. It's just disgusting.

    Another thing is when you get in an online battle with a random person they'll always be using legendaries... Most of the time. I'm sure not everyone does but to me it's a little lame that everyone just wants to use the most overpowered Pokemon. I made a point of not using legendaries, even though some look cool, I didn't wanna be overpowered and shallow. No thanks, I'll stick with mine even though they're stats might be horrible, stats aren't everything.

    Anyone agree...?

  • I agree. I use the pokemon that are my favorites, not ones that everyone else goes for, like legendaries for example. I mean, it's not wrong to use legends on your team but all that annoys me is that people insist you suck just because you don't use them. It's definitely not all about stats, it's about strategy. And I come up with my own strategies, I don't use the ones of the metagame.

  • Yeah and there are tons of Pokemon so why only use legendaries? I can understand if they might wanna use them too but it's stupid to assume anyone that doesn't just sucks. It's also stupid to believe that legendaries are the only ones worth using. Pokemon seems at it's best when there is actual strategy involved because it makes the game more exciting and often times one hit KOs just feel kinda cheap to me. I don't know, I guess some people might prefer strategy and the rest just wanna steamroll everybody.

  • Believe me, I've battled people that depend on their legendaries to get them the win, often relying only on power and not strategy.

  • That's ridiculous and I know online battling is one of the biggest attractions of Pokemon games but I don't see why if it's like that. That's why I've barely battled online and I've been very lucky in my very few GTS trades... Since you might find one or possibly two people who are willing to trade for a Pokemon you want without expecting a legendary in return. So because of all that, the online play is somewhat of a let down.

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