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Fans of one of the longest-running gaming companies still around can find a home here. Whether you're rolling a DS or at home swinging around a Wii remote, this is your place. Don't forget to trade friend codes!

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  • Forum Post: Is Rosalina's Story in Super Mario Galaxy Awesome or Totally Stupid?

    I know it isn't exactly the highlight of a platforming game, but a little optional story that gives us a bite-sized look at a character's background is a quaint change of pace from hectic levels.It also seems to act as another motivation to keep me playing to uncover more plot. Maybe I'm...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone else's Wii stop working after playing a Gamecube game on it?

    I was watching my brother and his friend play a Gamecube game on our Wii. When they finally got off, I decided I wanted to use it. To my dismay, I inserted my new Just Dance game and it didn't work. I interrogated my brother and he said he didn't mess with the game. I cleaned it multiple times...
  • Forum Post: How much can you sell a wii for at gamestop. And if you even should.

    im caught up with the idea that since i have $100 selling my wii, two full controllers, ccp, black ops game, mw3 game, and mhtri game will give me the other $130 that i need for a ps3 and mw2. Now i also believe i might get a better deal at ebay. Does anyone have any experience with selling their wii...
  • Forum Post: The dwindling wii...... and what to do with it?

    This place is for nothing more than to discuss how to handle the console that is the wii. Many are deciding how to handle their elderling consoles and thinking about switching. As one of those im letting you guys decide.
  • Forum Post: Great Wii First-Person Shooters

    On the wii, there have been some good FPS. My personal favorite is Conduit 2, and GoldenEye 007 is a close second. The Conduit is ok, but nowhere near as good as it's sequel. Also, although it is not a legit FPS, Red Steel and Red Steel 2are really good. This is what I would rate each of them. Remember...
  • Forum Post: Nintendo Wii: Making Wise Game Purchases for Your Wii Console

    As many may already know, the Nintendo Wii has been a huge success especially in the family environment. Games such as Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Fit have featured a number of exciting games that will entertain the whole family. With that statement, there are some boundary lines in which...
  • Forum Post: Super Smash Bros Brawl

    If you have Super Smash Bros Brawl and you have wi-fi then share your friend codes here. This is a place where you can also discuss tips about Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  • Forum Post: Why is the Wii left out?

    I was pissed off when I learned that Call of Duty: Black Ops (for the Wii) did not have everything the video trailers showed. For starters there is no camera spike. I was looking forward to sniping and have eyes in the back of my head. I think I can handle the little screen in the's not...
  • Forum Post: The Best Third Party Wii Games?

    Nintendo's Wii is best known for its first party games and mountains of shovelware. So its easy to forget all those other games that don't have a Italian plumber so I want to know everyone's favorite third party games. Please share your thoughts and opinions!
  • Forum Post: The Conduit 2.

    Well I guess it's offical.... The conduit 2... I'm quite shocked at what it's suppose to feature. Links: Very shocked. Too lazy to click on the links? I'll help you... 4 Player...
  • Forum Post: *** CLOCKED *** how much

    well i got me a free copy of wii music and just how much can i sell it for to gamestop so dose any one know also oblivion xbox 360 left 4 dead 1 xbox 360 facebreaker xbox 360 sorry for it being in the wii part but then my cuzing has some games
  • Forum Post: top 5 wii games

    your top 5 games for the wii mine are ONLY WII RETAIL NO WIIWARE OR VC 1 super smash bros. brawl 2 super mario galaxy 3 mario kart wii 4 legend of zelda twilight princess 5 mario party 8 honorable mentions the conduit[6] and EA playground [7]

    Recently I went shopping at Toys R Us ,as I was browsing at the Wii game section I soon realized how vast the library of crap has grown. Now lets go back to the past to the good ol' days of Ninty. As I remembered like it was yesterday, the majority of NES games were kick ass adventure/rpg/shooter...
  • Forum Post: Wii FPS

    I think that the four problems with Wii FirstPerson-Shooters is One. The Wii remote isn't designed for them, which isn't too bad a problem, and Two. Nintendo lies and says, we NEED the Wii zapper thing to play them, and close to last but not least.... Three. The way you aim. I love the ability...
  • Forum Post: All time low for wii

    I recently read an article on yahoo games on how there was going to be some type of winter sail going on around retailers that are selling nintendo wiis for $150. I thought it was too good to be true but then I checked out retailers sites and it was true! At first, I was thinking how much did it actually...
  • Forum Post: Freakin' Hilarious Pikmin YouTube Video

    Someone just posted one of the better video-game related videos I've ever seen on YouTube... A bunch of guys are dressed up as Pikmin and it's got SO much stuff to appeal to that hardcore fan. Watch it and be amazed: If that doesn't work, search...
  • Forum Post: What online games does the Wii (REALLY!!) need?

    MY LIST BEGINS WITH: 1. ZELDA 6 SWORDS - 6 player co-op with new characters to choose from like ZELDA, TINK ect. 2. JUMP ULTIMATE STARS 3- ICHIGO VS GOKU VS YUYU VS YUGI on a big screen....OH HELL YEAH! 3. POKEMON OR YU-GI-OH TCG- My mind is boggled on why any of these TCG's have not been made. Using...
  • Forum Post: WiiWare games should support The GameCube Controller

    Tetris....gryrostarr I'm looking at u
  • Forum Post: Surprise! Dead Space: Extraction Didn't Sell

    A recent Destructoid article is up: An excerpt: According to a NeoGAF post from a Visceral Games employee- "It is a shame that no one bought this (Dead Space Extraction). As much as everyone made fun...
  • Forum Post: Re: Disney Epic Mickey

    I'm more interested in how the game will try to distance itself from KH.
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