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Should I buy the Wii U ZombiU Bundle?

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  • Did you read reviews for this game ??? Not to mention a 32 gb hard drive is ridiculously small. I have a USB key bigger than that.

  • Bustin:

    Did you read reviews for this game ??? Not to mention a 32 gb hard drive is ridiculously small. I have a USB key bigger than that.

    I've read the reviews for the game and most of them said that it's a pretty good game. I'm just not completely sure yet since i'm not a big fan of the whole fps genre. It got a 77/100 on Metacritic, which is a pretty good score. Also, 32GB is by no means ridiculously small. Just because the XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 has so much space in their hard drive compared to the Wii U doesn't mean 32GB is too small. Honestly, what would you fill the hard drive with, let alone with a 250GB or 500GB hard drive? Digital retail games? I know that i'm not going to be buying retail games digitally. Plus, i'm going to buy either a 500GB or 1TB external hard drive later this year for my computer, so i'm perfectly fine with 32GB.

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  • "What did you think of ZombiU if you've already played it?"

    I really enjoyed ZombiU. A LOT. I didn't experience any of the bugs that some have experienced while playing it, and I put over 20 hours into my first play-through of the game.

    It should be noted, that 90%+ of the "reviews" of ZombiU failed to provide their exact number of hours they played it, and the number of survivors.

    Why would that be important to know?

    Replay value. Game Informer's review didn't let readers know how long it took Tim to finish the game (I don't think he did, and he hasn't answered that question), but it didn't stop them from allowing him to slap the game with a low score and to give it "low" in the Replay Value section.

    The game has at least two endings, a good and bad. There's supposedly not much of a difference between them, but it's there. The local multiplayer might be good for some hours of fun, if you have a friend/roommate/spouse that games. My wife HATES zombie/scary/gory stuff, but she played the multiplayer with me, because she didn't have to look at the TV, just the GamePad and not see what I was seeing.

    Ubisoft said they are working on a patch for it, and hopefully that patch addresses the bugs some experience with the game.

    As for the bundle, if this was available at launch, I would have bought it. Why? The Pro Controller alone is $50.

    Sure, not having Nintendo Land as a physical copy might be bad, but with little ones that play the game, it would actually be safer/easier for them to launch it like an eShop game anyway.

    If you don't want ZombiU, you could always try to sell it/trade it and get probably $30 for it, making the bundle down to $350.

    So, yeah, I would say give it a go, unless Nintendo Land being a digital copy is really a bummer, but being a parent with little ones, I don't look at digital copies as always bad things anymore.

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  • Bustin:

    Did you read reviews for this game ??? Not to mention a 32 gb hard drive is ridiculously small. I have a USB key bigger than that.


    Anyone who's read the reviews knows it's a good, though flawed game.  Probably like many others in your personal game library.  

    And 32GB of storage isn't great, but any external HDD can be hooked up to the system.  Not to mention that having all the space on the PS3 or X360 is useless for the bulk of the gaming population.  The only reason space is taken up on my X360 is because I install games--and I only do that because I have the space (250GB)--and even then, with a library of over 100 X360 games, I have used less than a third of that harddrive space.  Granted, I have not installed every game, just the most-played titles.

    The PS3 awkwardly requires almost every damn game to be installed, which devours storage space.  If you didn't need to install everything, then you wouldn't need very much storage.



    Also, buy the ZombiU set.  It basically includes a Pro Controller for free, and ZombiU is worth playing.

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