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Favorite memory from a retro game?

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  • Everyone has a favorite memory from their early days as a gamer. Maybe it was unboxing the revolutionary NES or Atari 2600, or watching the groundbreaking cutscenes from Final Fantasy 7. Any fond memory you have share here.

  • There's two for me. First, beating Contra with my mom for the first time. I can't remember it all, but I remember the last level, and after all was said and down my mom yelling "YEAH! FINALLY!" and I followed with a "YAA!".  God that game was a doozy. And the second one, beating my uncle for the first time on Mortal Kombat 2 for the Sega Genesis. I can't remember much, but I remember, "AHH! What the HELL?!" The reason I can't remember much on either of these is because I was 4 and 5, lol. My mom and uncle started me out at 3. They trained me well.

  • I got two one was beating all three stories in sonic adventure two battle with my cousins whenever one got stuck in a level the other bailed him out  and when we finally beat the game we all sighed with relief that it was done. The other one is completing chrono trigger after completing all the side quests I went to fight lavos I was suprised that i had to fight all the major bosses that i defeated before then finally i got fight lavos for real after two transformations i finally got to see one of the great endings of the game and after a while i went back and played it again.  

  • I also have two memories. The first of when I first beat Super Mario '64 with my dad, I literally started dancing rofl. The second was getting all the jiggies in Banjo Kazooie. I literally wept tears of joy. Me and my dad spent almost 4 months trying to get them all(I was 5-8 yrs old(can't remember)) and we had literally played almost every day. I love and still love the Nintendo 64.


    Zero blowing Vile's arm off in Mega Man X.  The graphics, pacing, and music--especially the music--all came together for one of those moments where the sheer awesomeness blew you away, and you knew that the game was something special right from the first level.  I still think that Zero may be the ***-est game hero in the history of video games

    Also, if the first Metal Gear Solid counts as retro, then I have to mention Meryl's codec frequency.  I nearly gave up on the game at that point, and I would never have played any of the games after it if I had done so.  I'm pretty sure it was my older cousin who finally told me exactly what case they were talking about; I was not amused.


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  • I remember playing Super Mario World with my dad everyday after school when the SNES came out.  I have no idea how long it took us but when we finally beat it I remember taking pictures of the end screens.

  • Batman for NES..the soundtrack is amazing

    "A perfect demonic reflection staring straight into your soul"
  • My favorite memory is back in 4th grade, a buddy and I would talk all the time about Simons quest. He finally beat it, and he let me have his password for the end game (all items collected, ready for drac's castle). I beat the game with that password and then we worked like crazy to beat it faster. However, I shared that password with my brothers and we would always use it to go back and beat the game later on. Years later, I still remember that password! Good times.

    We are what was, and what shall be again....

  • First time playing kingdom hearts, it was the sickest game ever made. They ruined it by extending the story line 20x what it should be though.

  • Playing Street fighter 2 for the first time on my SNES. 8bit arcade ports usually weren't very good and the ones that were generally looked little like their arcade brethren (I'm looking at you TMNT2 "the arcade game"). Street Fighter 2 on SNES looked and felt like the arcade game(or at least close enough). If your not old enough to remember (or were even born yet) arcade games were in most ways better than home games(obviously not in story or depth) so when home games started looking this much like the arcade games I kind of knew arcades would be on their way out.

    ...or the Great Mighty Poo, that's also a pretty good memory.

  • Probably a little cliched, but Wily's theme in Mega Man 2 is the coolest ever, and I still get chills from it.

    Other than that, I'd have to say Super Mario Bros 2 (aka USA) is a really good game that I feel is under-appreciated. I had some really good times with it when I was younger.

  • When I didn't really know how to play yet, I would put the controller under my shirt to easily press random buttons while playing tekken. Hahaha

  • Resident Evil 3. "Little spoilers ahead" When in the Clock tower after finding the chrono gear and putting it to work one gets to fight Nemesis right? The chopper was just a distraction for players to make them believe the game will end there, but in my case, my PS1 copy of the disc was a little scratched and the game freezed just when we got to fight Nemesis again. I remember I was telling everybody that I had already beaten the game even though I didn't beat the final boss, and people laughed and me. After saving up to buy a new and clean copy of the game I realized I was far from finishing the game.

  • Hard to name a specific moment that tops them all. One that comes to mind would be watching the intro sequence to Another World on the Amiga and being totally blown away by the visuals, cinematography and rotoscoped animation.

    Or going on my first killing spree in Syndicate (again on the Amiga).

  • I loved playing prince of persia games

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