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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Assassin's Creed V

    "Assassin's Creed V has been in the development cycle for almost three years, at Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto with development support from Ubisoft studios at Annecy, Quebec and Montpellier. Assassin's Creed V will release on the PlayStation®4 from Sony Computer Entertainment...
  • Forum Post: COD Modern Warfare 2 lobbys!!??

  • Forum Post: Regimental Chess - For the brutal intellect

    We just launched a free online game for PC or Mac. Regimental Chess - for the brutal intellect. Check out our website:, or look us up on facebook. Large armies of chess pieces move and capture in mass formations. Games can range up to twelve divisions with 386 pieces. Our website...
  • Forum Post: Nihilumbra HD is now available on Steam (DEMO INCLUDED)!

    Hi all, I work at BeautiFun Games, and want to introduce you to our new title: Nihilumbra ( link on Steam ) . Nihilumbra is a dark tale that takes shape as a solid puzzle platformer where you play as Born, a weird but also charming being that one day separated and grew up from The Void. The Void seems...
  • Forum Post: Good games to buy? Or bad ones to stay away from?

    I'm thinking about getting one or even a couple new games. I mostly play Xbox but I do have other consoles and a PC. I know there's already the "I Just Bought ____ " thread but people only post the title of the game not anything else. If you guys could reply with a title of a game and...
  • Forum Post: Reasons as to why Batman: Arkham fans may not have to fret about the Arkham universe not coming to next-gen

    Ok, here are some reasons that are based on good trends in Arkham games (and games in general) that will make people complain less about Arkham never coming to next-gen; Judging by trends in the Arkham franchise, there will be a GOTY edition (Game Of The Year edition), and seeing what happened with the...
  • Forum Post: Next generation is upon us.

    E3 is almost amongst us, and now is the perfect time for us to start some next generation discussions. Wwhat do you think Microsoft and Sony will show at their press conference? What are expecting from them? What do you want to see from each of them? I personally don't think Sony will reveal the...
  • Forum Post: Sins of the Prophets (Halo Based Mod)

    If you are familiar with the acclaimed 4x strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire (SoaSE) you will know of the huge scale of the space battles and the intricacies of spreading your empire. If not then it is about building huge fleets of space ships and sending them to fight other huge fleets of space ships...
  • Forum Post: WarCluster - browser MMO RTS

    Hi folks! I just wanted to start a discussion about a game that's being in development for 2 months already Basicaly it's a game where you control planets that produce spaceships. In order to expand your empire you have to conquer other planets while the diplomacy...
  • Forum Post: Getting rid of the Close-Mindedness.

    As a relatively biased person, I have always pretty much liked no games other than Shooters or Racing Games. Recently, I was without internet (What a freaking pain), so I borrowed Mass Effect 3 from a friend, and was instantly engrossed. I played it for 32 hours straight, and even went out to get the...
  • Forum Post: What Beta's Have You Played In?

    Post what betas you have played in. I always try to be in betas, just so i can say i was in them. LOL please post the ones you have been in. Or if you even care. I keep a list on my phone, here it is. 1.Diablo 3 2.Starhawk 3.Gears Of War 3 4.Gotham City Imposters 5.Battlefield 3 6.Halo Reach 7.Uncharted...
  • Forum Post: Customization-Heavy Multiplayer Tile-Based Strategy Game

    Hey everyone, my name's Woody and I'm the project manager over at Thunderpunch Studios. We're hard at work on a customization-heavy tile-based strategy game and I'm just looking to drum up a little community support. If you're a fan of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroclix, tabletop...
  • Forum Post: What's the Scariest Game You've Ever Played?

    While I realize this would be more appropriate for Halloween, I'm not waiting nine months to ask a simple question.
  • Forum Post: Which older title is your favorite?

    I'm talking Nintendo 64 old and such. My favorite has got to be Super Mario 64. It's interesting to see how the games have changed over the years.
  • Forum Post: Steam Box just announced

    Source: DISCUSS.
  • Forum Post: A new type of MMO

    Le Pokemon rant... Where did the Creativity go? The original Pokemon games were original, entertaining and always had something new. Now it seems like the newer Pokemon games are becoming half-assed and horribly structured. I have seen no new creativity in the past couple generations. I understand that...
  • Forum Post: Racism In online gaming?

    Why do people decide to put Racial Clan tags in games like COD, and go on stereotypical onslaughts on gamers while they play online?
  • Forum Post: PC gaming is better than any console game

    Computer gaming whether it's FPS or RPG is way better than playing it on a console like XBox or Playstation. With PC gaming you dont have to buy a whole new console just to play games that look better. Not to mention PC is gaming is more competitive because it uses the mouse and keyboard, so there...
  • Forum Post: has anybody EVER even used "Sticky Keys?"

    Sticky keys, (press the shift key 5 times) is a complete annoyance to any gamer. for almost any game that uses the shift key, like minecraft, have this problem. It stops your game and causes you to get killed in multiplayer games. I mean, what the hell does it even do?
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