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Assassin's Creed Franchise Fatigue

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  • I just wrote this down in the comments regarding Black Flag's new trailer, but I thought I'd share this here as well, hoping for a discussion on this topic. Anyway, I'd love to hear what people think about this topic. My original post:


    There's very little real innovation with each entry in the series. 2 blew the first AC away, but I've been consistently disappointed with each new release since Ezio's debut. 3 was rushed for holiday 2012 release, which gave us the buggiest AAA title of that year, just so they could keep their annual release schedule. Ubisoft is diluting their brand name by emulating Activision's business practices and putting out an unfinished product, and is losing my business in the process.

    And I'm tired of playing in the same graphics engine. As cool as the naval combat looks in this game, I won't be buying Black Flag simply because I'm tired of the core gameplay in AC. I want more direct control over the character, and less of the "marionette" mechanic. It felt new at the time the first two games released, but now I feel distanced from the experience in a way I've not felt in other recent AAA 3rd person open world titles (GTA, Prototype 2, Saints Row, Sleeping Dogs, etc.). They need to take a few years off, make an entirely new game with a revamped control scheme, and come back with something fresh if they want me to buy another game in the franchise.

  • I agree that some of the mechanics are a bit old. I think 3 was a good setting and story but, needed to be longer so Connor's story could be continued. As for ac4 i think the refreshed mechanics  such as shooting and bigger map along with one of the coolest things about ac3(the naval) will be a good addition to the franchise. 

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  • To be honest, the only AC games I've played was the original, 2, and 3. I lost interest in 3 very quickly (same with MW3 and occasionally BO3). I'm not sure why, but it may be because now they're releasing so many AC's in such a short amount of time, like you said. But some people love running marathons, and it seems like this spew of AC games is just a huge marathon race and quite frankly, some people just can't keep up. I agree with sthomson93's address wholeheartedly, though. I'll probably do the same thing.

    InComing Storm!!

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