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Every good gamer knows his or her general media. There's such a big world of stuff to see, hear and read. This is a great place to strike up conversations on music, movies, books, comics, toys, gadgets or even the latest iPhone apps.

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  • Forum Post: Favorite Music Of Gaming?

    Music is a very easy thing to just find in todays wo rld but has anyone ever stepped back and got into music of gaming. We all think about how cool music in games are but do we dig any deeper. This week ive been going back through old games and looking up soundtracks and artist to actullly learn more...
  • Forum Post: A message to all rock bands having a "comeback tour"

    Stop. Just stop. I know that I may encounter a lot of hate on this one, but most of these "comeback tours" that older rock bands have now are usually AWFUL. And I'm not just saying this because I hate rock music, because I LOVE rock music. I grew up listening to it and it is one of my favorite...
  • Forum Post: Musicians! Let's Share Our Music Together.

    Just a couple minutes ago I clicked on this corner of the forums and I was surprised to see such heavy participation in the music section. So I figured I would make a discussion where musicians like me can be free to share our music that we created with another. I'll start by posting a music video...
  • Forum Post: Anyway listen to Dubstep?

    I'm a total Dubstep fan, so I was wondering how many other gamers like Dubstep, what what are their favorite artists? I like Datsik, Flux Pavillion, Cookie Monsta, Bludsport, Liquid Stranger and Doctrine.
  • Forum Post: Driving Music

    So I was playing through Red Dead Redemption again and just recently got to the Mexico bit. I had forgotten just how great that part is, and the song, Far Away by Jose Gonzalez, struck me as a great bit of driving music. What are your favorite driving songs and/or albums? My favorites would have to be...
  • Forum Post: what is in your cd player right now? or mp3 player... or casstte deck?

    me? tub ring- the great filter
  • Forum Post: What's your favorite gaming playlist?

    We all play games here. But when you play online games, sometimes you like to listen to your favorite music too, so that you don't have to listen to some 10 year old nOOB screaming into your headset stuff about how he's better than everyone else. So, what do you like to listen to, whats in your...
  • Forum Post: A cd you bought recently you can listen to from beginning to end

    I was just thinkin about cd's I have bought that I can listen to from start to finish.Well it has been awhile since I bought one that I could treat like that, but one that comes to mind that I bought in the last couple of years is Seether's " Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces ". I absolutely...
  • Forum Post: Who Are Some Good, Yet Underrated/ Unheard of Musicians/ Bands?

    I pride myself on having a decent knowledge of Indie bands, but I'd like to know who some of your favorites are, so that I can expand my already-massive iTunes library. Any suggestions?
  • Forum Post: Re: The Power Pop Thread

    Some lesser well known "Power-Pop-ish" Groups Are: Red Car Wire The Cab NeverShoutNever Motion City Soundtrack HelloGoodbye All Time Low Every Avenue The Maine Cash Cash The White Tie Affair I've Got A Lot More, But This Is Just A Sampling. If You Have Any Questions About These Bands, Or...
  • Forum Post: Best Song Of All-Time

    To me the best song ever is Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle by Emmure. go to youtube and listen - Yah, Yah, you probably don't agree do you well anyway make a list of your ehhhh.... top 5 favs then after a month ill put the result on my home page...
  • Forum Post: The Power Pop Thread

    I've been on a bender of this stuff for a while so I figured I'd take a shot and see if there are at least one or two of you weirdos who like it too. I feel so alone! Anyways... If you have no clue what the hell I'm talking about, power pop, in essence, is made up of traditional pop song...
  • Forum Post: What is the last song you downloaded?

    All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix
  • Forum Post: Artist/Album Recommendations

    Here you can post recommended music artists and albums. It was done back on the old forum. You can highlight specific songs that you would consider worth listening, add album artwork, etc. Hopefully this thread can narrow down on all the other related ones. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik...
  • Forum Post: What ipod do you have

    What so you lise most itouch nano classic or shuffle
  • Forum Post: Re: favorite band\artist/song

    My three favorite music artists are: Tool - Vicarious Apocalyptica - Helden/Feat Till Lindemann Metallica - One
  • Forum Post: favorite band/artist/song

    / name three, if u can think of any then just name three that come right off the top of your head. then name one current favorite song videos are cool i like to listen to new music current favorite song the mars volta, system of a down, and bob marley!
  • Forum Post: Re: Music you're not listening to (but totally should be)

    Suprisingly similar album covers, no? I'm really digging Pinback, Pat. I'd never heard them before. Other really good music: Well, The Hold Steady for one. The Swish The Hold Steady makes some of the best rock music of our generation. Also, a new obsession: The xx Crystalised (sic) This album...
  • Forum Post: itunes game

    Everyone knows this fun little game, open up your itunes (or similar program) and shuffle through the first 10 random songs it plays and list them here. And you must list what comes up, no matter how embarassing. I will go first: George Thorogood & The Destroyers - As The Years Go Passing By Slough...
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