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Every good gamer knows his or her general media. There's such a big world of stuff to see, hear and read. This is a great place to strike up conversations on music, movies, books, comics, toys, gadgets or even the latest iPhone apps.

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  • Forum Post: international horror films must see.

    French with subs i give this movie 5/5
  • Forum Post: Should Avatar get a awesome videogame?

    Considering all the injustice done to the series as a whole, it deserves a good videogame. Who would make it? Would it need a new system? Could it only work if you were jacked into the game? How complicated would it be? Would you only be able to use one element? What would the story be? How would the...
  • Forum Post: Pushing Daisies

    I have just recently started this show and have fallen in love with it. I just wanted to know if anyone else on here watches the show? Also does anyone know how many seasons there are planned to be? Mainly I'd just like to discuss this amazing show with someone.
  • Forum Post: Event Horizon

    I would assume since this is a gaming community that some people on here have seen Event Horizon. It just so happens to be one of my favorite sci-fi/horror movies ever. I was wondering if anyone else has seen it and if so what other movies are like it? Or to make an easier question: What is your favorite...
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