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Lucas Arts= Disney?

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  • Believe it or not Lucas Arts has been sold to Disney. Bad decisions or good this is sure to not go over well with fans of the Star Wars series. What is next for this series that captivated the minds of so many you have to wonder? Will this groundbreaking company stay groundbreaking or will it turned into a cheesy production full of teenagers dancing and singing about God knows what. What does the Game Informer community think of this? Should have Lucas Arts sold its self? What's your opinion?

  • Lucas Arts hasn't been groundbreaking in a long time. But hey now at least people may get a good Star Wars game in the next Kingdom Hearts haha

  • Many believe it's the shock to the system that the license needs. Lucas himself thought it time to have new ownership of the brand. I'm skeptical of this particular union, though I actually like Disney, but will keep an open mind.

  • Well considering Disneys other mature endeavors I think they can handle the license with the right kind of ambition. Also people were skeptical about 343 taking over halo. Now halo 4 is one of the most anticipated games of this current decade. (Mind you that's only the past 2 years)

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  • I think a better comparison is Disney's take over of Marvel.  They have managed to breath new life and excitement into those characters while bringing the fanboys in joyfully.  The Avengers was a complete success, and if the same care and attention is provided to Star Wars then the possibilities are space high.  Cast the same people, and the movies will succeed.

  • Ohhh.... the humanity....

  • As far as i know I do believe that the same man who did the remake of the newest STAR TREK movie is also doing the new Star Wars Episode VII.


  • Seeing as how there millions of str wars fans i thought there was going to be chaos over

    This but people seem to be ok with this merge and may e disney wont *** up

    The star wars franchise the everybody love maybe theyll even do some good :)

  • I'm glad George finally sold the Star Wars universe to someone else.  Disney has an extremely talented creative team and I think if anyone can breathe life back into this franchise, it's Disney.  Using Marvel as an example, just look what they can do with already established properties.  Marvel's superhero films are some of my favorite movies now.  They acquired the likes of Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, etc. to create some of the coolest movies around.  I think Disney is going to do an excellent job handling Star Wars.  The real question though to ask, who is going to want to direct this thing.  Now there are rumors out that J.J. Abrams is quitting the gig to go back to Star Trek 3.  The pressure is almost insurmountable to make a good Star Wars film.  I don't want to say it would ruin their career, but...it definitely would not help them.

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