Game Informer provides Forums, Blogs and other forms of discussion as a service to its users and customers, to help them exchange ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to our services. They are here for the enjoyment and benefit of all members, are accessible to all who register. Like any community, they are most valuable when everyone obeys certain basic guidelines and rules for online behavior.

These guidelines and rules are presented here so that you know what is expected of you and what you can expect from other participants when using the site. By registering you agree to follow these Usage Guidelines, in addition to the Terms and Conditions.


**This guide refers to any content found in the Blogs, Forums, Guides, User Reviews and Groups sections of the site, and any Comment fields on the website.**

Ask A Moderator:

If you ever have any questions about these services, the rules, or anything related to the website, ask a moderator!  Moderators are identified by the blue "Mod" box around their avatar, and can be contacted at any time by leaving a comment in their personal page, or by starting a Conversation with them. We're here to help maintain a positive environment for all users.

Please contact any of the following Moderators for help. Click on any name below to go to their profile page and click the "Start Conversation" link to ask a question. Please be patient, not everyone will be available at all times:


Control of Content:

As the website is owned and operated by Game Informer Magazine, the company retains the right to remove or alter content from the site that is deemed inappropriate, harmful, or inaccurate. Furthermore, Game Informer retains the right to limit or restrict user access to the forum at any time. Game Informer is not responsible for the failure or delay of removal of any material from the website at any time.

Behave Like Adults (Even If You Aren't):

Everyone that participates in the forum wants, and deserves, an enjoyable experience. Please refrain from posting content that would detract from another member's time at the website.



Any attacks to a person's gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religious affiliation, physical or mental disability will be grounds for punishment, up to and including permanent removal of access to the site.


Obscene Content:

Images, videos, or other files that contain lewd, vulgar, or pornographic content will not be tolerated on the website.  If you have even the slightest doubt that a file will be acceptable to post to the website, don't post it.



The site make use of a filter that removes most curses. The moderator staff does not appreciate phonetic curses or curses formed from 1337. It's a no-no, please don't do it. If you break this rule expect some ban time.


"Noob" Bashing:

The intimidation or harassment of new members on the site. Be patient; not everyone will understand how this place works on their first day.



Pointless messages, threads, or blogs meant to annoy others. The occasional goofball thread/blog is generally harmless, but excessive and extreme instances of spam will be removed. This also goes for User Reviews and Guides. Posts that are not genuine reviews/guides or are made before the game is actually released is considered spam and will be removed from the site.


One Word Posts:

Please don't make a post with just one word such as "First", "Agreed", etc. This is frowned upon and we encourage all members to not do it. This can be considered spam and point boosting.


Insulting other members' thoughts and opinions.  Reasoned, thoughtful discussion is encouraged. Insults and threats will not be tolerated.


Posting in a manner that intentionally provokes others into arguments. This is a ban worthy offense.


No Advertising:

The Game Informer website is provided as a free service to customers. The promotion of third party services and products, without the express permission of Game Informer staff, is prohibited. Please refrain from posting advertisements, sending junk mail, or making any form of unauthorized solicitation.


Alternate Accounts:

Everyone is allowed to have an alternate account if they choose to. Not like we would know anyways. However, if you have been banned please don't circumvent your ban by creating a new account. If you are found doing so your IP address will be permanently banned. Also using an alternate account in a malicious way towards members or this site will result in your IP address being permanently banned.


Keep Your Nose Clean:

Game Informer wishes to maintain a safe and legal environment, and prohibits the posting of any material that would infringe upon, violate, or alter any copyright and trademark rights of any party. Alteration of forum software and/or the introduction of malicious viral software are also prohibited, and will result in permanent suspension of access to the site.

Theft and Piracy:

Use of the site for the promotion of piracy/theft is prohibited. This can include, but is not limited to:  hacks or workarounds designed to bypass video game console, User Agreements, websites and services for modifying consoles to play region-locked products, links to websites containing illegal ROMS and emulator software, promotion of peer-to-peer websites for the express purpose of obtaining illegal software.


Keep Your Guard Up:

We live in a time of increased identify theft, and this website is certainly not invulnerable to it. Choose what information you reveal about yourself carefully. If anyone other than company staff requests personal information, including but not limited to full name, password, home phone and address, credit cards and bank information, or subscription or account number, don't provide it. Contact a moderator immediately if you find someone seeking this information.

Be wary also of information and help provided by other users of this website. Think twice before heeding any advice that sounds harmful to property or person. Game Informer is not responsible for damages or theft that occurs as a result of suggestions provided by users of the website.



Blog Section Community Guidelines

This is a list of guidelines that are more towards the blogging section of GIO. However, all of the rules and guidelines listed above still apply to the blog section. These are guidelines suggested by the GIO community. Since these are the "community" guidelines if you would like to suggest a new guideline to be added feel free to contact a moderator.


Stick to your Topic:

If you want to blog, make a point. Have a set topic in mind and talk about it. Don't go off topic or in wild tangents unless they pertain in some way to the topic and might enhance what you say more.


Go into Detail:

No one wants to click on a blog and find out that it's only two sentences long. Put some effort into your blog and go into detail. Nobody is asking you to write a five page novel, but we want to be able to see that you spent at least five to ten minutes on it. Excited for a new game coming out? Don't just say it, tell us why.

Walls of Text:

No walls of text please. Separate your blog into paragraphs for easier reading. Using pictures in your blog will also help make it more enjoyable to read.


Maybe your post belongs in the Forums:

Sometimes a user will post a blog with the topic "what's your favorite game", "what's your opinion on this", etc. In other words, asking for the opinion of others instead of their own. Your blog is for expressing your opinions. That's what we want to see.

The Forums is the perfect place if you have a question or want to discuss a topic. If you have to write a blog we just ask that you express your opinion in detail first before asking the opinions of others.

List Blogs:

Do you have a Top 10 list or a list of favorite games, characters you want to blog about? Be sure to go into detail about each item on your list. Just slapping the list onto your blog and calling it good is frowned upon here.

One blog a day Limit:

When you reach level 5 your new blog posts will appear on the main blog page for all to see. A lot of users work hard on their blogs and want their fair share of time on the front page. So whenever you publish a new blog you are sending one blog to the second page. Because of this we ask that you don't post more than one blog a day. This has become a custom for the blogging section by the community members.

Users may receive a warning from any moderator or staff member for breaking this rule. If anyone ignores the warning given to them and continues to post multiple blogs in a single day after receiving a warning a ban may be issued for that user. 

There is a publish date function built into the advanced blog creator that allows you to choose the exact time when your blogs are published to Game Informer online. Please use that if you have multiple blogs to post and set the publish dates for different days. 


Please don't plagiarize. Copying a wiki or article just to post it on your blog and doing nothing else at all is frowned upon. Don't do it or a ban will be issued. Your blog is your place to be creative. Blogging isn't about getting views.



Forum Section Community Guidelines

This is a list of guidelines that are more towards the Forum section of GIO. However, all of the rules and guidelines listed above still apply to the forums. Once again these are the Forum section "Community" guidelines. If you would like to suggest a new guideline to be added to this list please contact a moderator.

Double posting:

Making consecutive posts to append a previous comment is generally frowned upon. Please use the edit button at the bottom right on your post to change anything or to add anything. Also, please refrain from making multiple posts in the same thread in short order to garner attention. If someone has a relevant point to add to a thread, they will make it. Repeating a message or hounding others for replies can and will result in post deletions and (if necessary) ban time.

Commenting (a.k.a. Hijacking):

Typically, a post that changes the subject in a humorous nature. Hijacking a thread is alright in good fun, but try not to completely derail the original topic of conversation with your hijack. Mods will edit threads at their discretion if the hijacking is inappropriate, or a general nuisance to the topic/posters at hand.

Duplicate threads:

Multiple threads on the same subject are not allowed and any found will be locked, in an effort to keep the boards clean. If you are uncertain whether or not a thread already exists on the subject you wish to discuss, use the search button located near the GI insignia.

Reviving Old Threads (a.k.a. Thread Necromancy):

Thread necromancy, the act of reviving an old thread that has been inactive for a period of months or years, is preferred over making duplicate threads for the same subject. However, it is strongly encouraged that you make the post insightful and an actual contribution to the thread. Reviving a thread to make inane comments such as "bump" or "Yeah I agree," is frowned upon, and may result in a lock of the thread.

VS. Threads:

We all know how important it is to know who'd win between Samus or Master Chief, Sam Fisher or Solid Snake, etc. Vs threads are not allowed as they are known to cause flame wars. Most of the posts in these threads result in one word posts as well.


Your Signature:

If you put a picture in your sig, first make sure it is appropriate, and also shrink it down if it is a big picture. Please use your own judgment for this. There's not a specific size we require, but if the picture in your sig is too big a moderator will shrink it down for you.

List of links that are acceptable in your sig:
- MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, LastFM, Vibe or other personally-made social networking pages
- YouTube, Google Video or other public video sharing sites*
- Flickr, Photobucket, Image Shack or other image hosting sites**
- Links to open source and other legal software under GNU, CPL, BSD or other licenses.
* Videos must be legal and appropriate and may not contain any subject matter violating rules stated in this thread ** All images must be copyright free and appropriate. Game Informer reserves the right to remove any embedded image or video deemed inappropriate at any time without notifying the user.



Be nice. Be appropriate. No advertising, hacks talk, harassment, sexism, racism, or anything that makes you sound like a jerk.

Be careful, the mods are trigger happy...


Special thanks goes out to TV's Frank, Apocalidiot, almoshowers, mitch_the_switch, link-826, AngelGamer, erkenbrand, Rinoa19, SuperPatBalls, TheInvisMan, MstrChf, Victory Nub, Hawk_hotlips, Smackey, Lisa, Mray901, Shootist2600, Treestump, Supersnake, dbull620, Sean Lowery, Jeff Marchiafava and of course TEH PUAL (GI-Paul) for their contributions to this version of the Usage Guidelines, and the GIO Community.