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Welcome to the Game Informer forums. Our new forums offer a unique take on the classic discussion groups. You can ask questions, verify answers, or just start up a classic war of words. Have fun storming the castle.

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  • Forum Post: The Unfairness Of Let's Plays

    I was on youtube earlier today trying to make a channel for game plays or let's plays or something of the sort, And I saw one of the recommended videos off to the side for PewDiePie. It was a video of the new South Park game, which isn't even released yet. Not just one video but 4 with 74 mins...
  • Forum Post: Question about the iPod Touch

    Hello! I have a question and am hoping someone can answer it for me. I was wondering if the iTouch would be able to play newer iOS games. The reason I ask is because I know that the iTouch is a few years old and I wasn't quite sure if it would be able to handle some of the newer games. I was planning...
  • Forum Post: How do you become a developer on this website?

    Well this might seem like a "noob" question, but hear me out. I am a developer on "Kongregate" website. It's apart of the GameStop network and i was just wondering how could i get the developer badge, and/or links. It may not seem as important but i like to get tips along with...
  • Forum Post: Re: Calling all new people

    Wouldn't it suck to be a sea turtle? imagine it, middle of the night, waves crash in, you slide into the beach after jetting away from predators all night, Instant sandy genitals. i mean, imagine how you would feel after laying eggs, and you have to crawl back with your sandy cloaca... seems horrible...
  • Forum Post: Who's better at gaming?

    Do you think there's a difference in race or gender when it comes to gaming? Do you think Asians are better? My friend speculated that they are only better because they get access to games earlier than everyone else. Is this true?
  • Forum Post: Would you, if you could, play a real life zombie shooter.

    If you had the option to gear up with top of the line electronics and spend an entire weekend in the woods avoiding zombies, would you? Realistic, emersive, 3-day weekend. Scrounging for supplies, taking out zombies, avoiding large crowds and dealing with survivors. Let me know. IM any specific questions...
  • Forum Post: helpful tips for your Nook and kindle to use on gameinformer

    HOW DOES THAT SAYING GO? O YEAH..IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED TRY AND TRY AGIAN. WELL FOLKS THATS EXACTLY WHAT I DID. I finally figured out why A) the nook wasnt allowing me to write in my profile bio box or forum box as there both the same type of box. Well the answer is simple: wiether your in the...
  • Forum Post: Biggest Gaming Influence

    The two Legend of Zelda games for the Nintendo 64 have help to cultivate my passion for gaming. That passion was then sky rocketed by games like Bioshock and The Orange Box. I was just wondering: What games have influenced your passion for gaming the most?
  • Forum Post: Blog problems

  • Forum Post: Who is better

    Who Is Better Kirby or Pit
  • Forum Post: Kevin Pereira leaving Attack of The Show.

    I dont know about you people out there, but when I heard this i was stunned.I grew up watching G4,AOTS,X-PLAY,and all those great shows since i was about 8.Now,i am 17...almost a DECADE of watching Kevin P. And now that he is gone, i feel as though AOTS is done because K.P. WAS AOTS! He is what made...
  • Forum Post: How do you change your Username?

    I've been seeing that many people have changed their user name. How does one do that?
  • Forum Post: Question about a Game Informer issue...

    Does anyone know how I can get past issues of the Mag? I am missing a few issues due to damage or not getting them at all. I need ones from 2010.
  • Forum Post: if the world were to be taken over by zombies what is the first thing you would do?

    hmmmmm...lets see i would obviously call the guys from left for dead and then i would oh yea RUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!
  • Forum Post: What is considred to be anime

    I just read an articles about Dante's Inerno: The anime and I've being thinking what is considred to be anime? what makes Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are considred to be anime, what makes them anime is the art style or is it have to come frome Japan.
  • Forum Post: Is art based off of batman worth anything to you?

    I'm making some artwork for my art class and one or two of my pieces will be batman inspired. i was wondering if anyone here saw cool batman art, would they pay anything for it? mind you im not selling it, yet, but i just want to see if people would actually like this kind of stuff.
  • Forum Post: Game Informer Review

    Why can't I write reviews for games on this site? I went through the site help and the like to write a review isn't appearing. "Write a review" isn't appearing. I'm using google chrome on a mac. Is the site experiencing a glitch?
  • Forum Post: New here

    Hey new here well sort of have been a subscriber too gameinformer magazine for a long time and have been coming to for just as long but just today decided to start a profile just wanted to say hello to all my new gameing comrades and get some opinions. So here it is I am split on getting...
  • Forum Post: All's about time to name a King!

    For as long as I can remember video games have been apart of my life. From playing Super Mario on my N 64 to Dragon Age 2 on my Ps3 video games have always been there. Even as i write this i am currently playing through Elder Scrolls Oblivion for the 18th, thats right i said it 18th time in preparation...
  • Forum Post: PowerUp Pro

    I got a PowerUp Pro card about a month ago and still haven't even seen a printed copy of GI. The benifits of PU Pro are supposed to include a one-year sub to GI, but I've recieved neither the printed or digital issues...confused?
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