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Welcome to the Game Informer forums. Our new forums offer a unique take on the classic discussion groups. You can ask questions, verify answers, or just start up a classic war of words. Have fun storming the castle.

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  • Forum Post: Gaming website

    Gaming websites like this is why the hold reviewing of games should be done away with. How are you going to give a trash game like Evolve a 8.5,then give 1886 The Order 7.5. Developers need to guit sending you people their games.
  • Forum Post: What to join an up-and-coming Destiny clan?

    Hey fellow gamers! I'm in the process of creating a new destiny clan. My clan is call the 'Trifecta Guardian Legion'. If you like the motto and mission statement of this clan feel free to join. For those of you who don't like the motto or mission statement you can join too for this clan...
  • Forum Post: YouTube - Darkesc Gaming

    Check out My YouTube Channel I am not asking for subscriptions but if you like what you see then please subscribe. I just want people to know that the channel exists. Thank You
  • Forum Post: Activision has lost it...

    OK Let me start by saying that I love playing MW3 and I am ranked 890 in the world in TDM and trying to get to #1 but it's almost impossible because of the hackers and modders ,anyway let me get to the topic at hand,well first and foremost Activision stop the clan operations for MW3 (with out telling...
  • Forum Post: Deadfall Adventures

    This game is Awesome in everyway apart from a few minor glitches why such the bad review??? and why does no one play it online???
  • Forum Post: Yugioh on PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Forum Post: FUS RO DAH!!!

  • Forum Post: Gamers of the Armed Forces network.

    Hellow and Welcome Gamers at Arms. THIS THREAD IS FOR All ACTIVE/NONACTIVE DUTY MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES. Here we all can share, discuss thoughts and experiences in all that is gaming/military service related.
  • Forum Post: complaints/gripes all things gaming.

    Hello and welcome. got drama? Feel free to vent it here all things gaming.
  • Forum Post: Bullets On The Floor Gaming -- BOTF is recruiting

    hey guys my clna Bullets On The Floor Gaming is recruiting to join sign up on and subscribe to
  • Forum Post: If Video Games Didn't Exist....

    The question is simple: What would you do to fill time if video games didn't exist? Consider this a social experiment.
  • Forum Post: All's about time to name a King!

    For as long as I can remember video games have been apart of my life. From playing Super Mario on my N 64 to Dragon Age 2 on my Ps3 video games have always been there. Even as i write this i am currently playing through Elder Scrolls Oblivion for the 18th, thats right i said it 18th time in preparation...
  • Forum Post: What TV do you use for gaming?

    I personally use a 37'' Vizio and I changed the settings so that it's extra colorful, yet, somehow, i feel as if this is the wrong TV to be playing Dead Island or Halo Reach. What TV do you use and do you enjoy it / think it could be better?
  • Forum Post: Tritton Warhead 7.1 Wireless Headset

    So I heard that Tritton is going to release a new headset for 360. But I haven't found a price or release date. Just "affordable" and "in time for Christmas." Does any one know anything more specific?
  • Forum Post: One word general gaming story time!

    Anything game related. 1 word at a time. Together we can create a masterpiece. 4 rules 1. Keep it moderately clean. 2. ONE word added per post. posting sprees. must wait for someone else to post before you can go again. 4. have fun
  • Forum Post: Turtle Beach X11: A few questions

    I was going to get a Turtle Beach wireless headset until I heard about a wired TRIAX headset. It was almost the same thing, but you could use it as a talking mic over Skype. I saw that Turtle Beach made a wired headset, and I wanted to know if I could use it for that same feature as well because I've...
  • Forum Post: Confused About Two Things

    I have a few questions that I need answers to: Question 1: I'm hopefully getting the Turtle Beach X31 headset - Will I still need the Blue Snowball Mike for the clear voices? Question 2: If I still need the Snowball Mike, how do I set it up with the console? (If it works that way)
  • Forum Post: Need a capture card - What do you suggest?

    I'm having a tough time finding a good quality capture card. I was going to get a Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD, but it has a lot more bad reviews than good, and I don't want to get something that's high quality, well priced, and have all those problems like others did. I need help on finding...
  • Forum Post: A mike for recording Gameplay (Where can I get/find one?)

    I heard that there's a type of mike that you use to make your voice come out clear when you record game play. The thing is I have no idea what this mike looks like or where to find it. If anyone could tell me what to look up, please give me a website or whatever it is you know. - Thanks :)
  • Forum Post: Is the Xbox360 Nyko STS Intercooler worth buy?

    I don't know if i'm posting this in the right place, but could you guys help me out? So, the situation is that i live in Florida and my house-hold doesn't use AC, so as you can imagine it's hot out, and also as you can imagine if i play xbox 360s for any amount of time, it gets extremely...
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