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  • Blog Post: Story And Combat Shine Bright In This Trailer

    Although the next generation of console hardware is well underway, developers are still delivering plenty of last-gen exclusives. Koei Tecmo has just released a new trailer, as well as a batch of new images, for its upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG Ar Nosurge: Ode To An Unborn Star, out this fall. The trailer...
  • Blog Post: The Trouble with the Grey: A Dragon Age Debacle

    Hello guys and thanks for reading! I haven't blogged in awhile thanks to some problems with Internet Explorer (I know, I know) and the typing tools provided. I have been thinking about all the different options we trudged through in Dragon Age: Origins so I have a few opinions on the situation at...
  • Blog Post: Dragon Quest X MMORPG Ported To 3DS Using Cloud Streaming

    Square Enix recently announced that Japan-only MMO Dragon Quest X will be ported to the 3DS by using the same streaming technology that the mobile version uses to access the game. The non-native support, based in cloud space, will allow for cross-platform play across the Wii, Wii U, smartphone, and PC...
  • Blog Post: New E3 Gameplay Commentary To Sate Your Thirst Until Release

    The upcoming BioWare RPG has fresh gameplay and commentary. This demo was originally at E3, and part 1 is now available for the public to view. It's guided by Mike Laidlaw, creative director for the project. The video outlines many of the game's features. Laidlaw talks to people he meets in the...
  • Blog Post: Explore Pandora's Moon With This Narrated E3 Demo Walkthrough

    Today, Producer Gearbox and Developer 2K Australia released this walkthrough of the entire Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel E3 2014 demo. 2K Australia Producer Joel Eschler and Gearbox Associate Producer James Lopez narrate as they play through the demo, giving players an idea of what they can except when...
  • Forum Post: Blast From The Past :YEAR 1997: Fallout

    I appreciate all the games in the Fallout franchise but like a good amount of fans i only knew of fallout from fallout 3 and new vegas but when i discovered they were other games before that I had to try it out, I did not know that I would embrace the first 2 fallout games and they became some of my...
  • Forum Post: YouTube - Darkesc Gaming

    Check out My YouTube Channel I am not asking for subscriptions but if you like what you see then please subscribe. I just want people to know that the channel exists. Thank You
  • Forum Post: A Message To Bethesda From A Fan.

    watch?v=NFxH2soLFdw Hopefully they learn from their mistakes!
  • Forum Post: Altais: Age of Ruin now on Kickstarter

    Hi all, I recently launched my new project through kickstarter, check it out! Altais is a dystopian fantasy set far in the future, where the land has been ravaged by magic, where once noble kingdoms have fallen...
  • Wiki Page: Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Strategy / Characters Guide

    Strategy / Characters Guide for Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Game Rating: 7.00 Genre: Role-Playing , Publisher: Namco Bandai Release Date: 1/22/2012 on PlayStation 3 Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Official Game Guide includes: Gain access to the Gold Hurley Familiar DLC with the purchase...
  • File: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Gameplay Video

    Want to see the action-RPG in action? Here you go.
  • Wiki Page: Book Guide

    I have a full version in gamefaqs and will be posting in Books Castle -In the royal bedroom, baby room on the right, on top of the baby on the left "Alchemy and Immortality" Brightwall Village Academy - In the reliquary turn right, make a left and there is a stand with...
  • File: Alpha Protocol 'His Name Is Michael' Trailer

    What's that guy's name again? After watching this new trailer, you'd better remember.
  • File: Risen Launch Trailer

    Here's a cinematic look at Southpeak's latest RPG, Risen, which was recently released on the Xbox 360.
  • File: Alpha Protocol Trailer Filled With Espionage, Intrigue

    Here's the latest trailer for Sega's spy-themed RPG, Alpha Protocol. It's due out June 1.
  • Wiki Page: Developer's Chest in Borderlands

    When Borderlands was being demoed the game hade some pretty extreme red chest locations. Only 1 chest is in the game now and is know as the Developer's Chest. This chest has a extremly high rate of getting good weapons and alien weapons. But it is hidden very well. You need to be in the Rust Commons...
  • Wiki Page: Death is not the end - it is another challenge. (Review) 8.5/10

    I saw thatthere are no reviews yet so I am offering my opinion. Read the bottom for a quick summary. Some games are hard. Some are punishing. Demon's Souls is both. Expect to die in Demon's Souls - a lot. Unlike some games that are downright cruel, Demon's Souls has a method to its madness...
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