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Cantina for Star Wars Gaming

Welcome to the Hub of anything and anything Star Wars related. While outwardly dedicated to everything in gaming that is Star Wars, from the old classics such as Super Return of the Jedi... to new undesirables such as The Force Unleashed 2 (seriously?) you

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  • Forum Post: Star Wars Battlefront (All 4)

    Who here has played all the star wars battlefront games? I'm talking the first, second, renegade squadron and elite squadron
  • Forum Post: What are you doing in The Old Republic?

    I just started a new character, a bounty hunter to play along side my inquisitor. How about you?.
  • Forum Post: Star Wars: Roleplaying Game(WotC)

    I have been playing D&D for years, and been a fan of Star Wars since birth. What better way to express that but through the combination of RPGs and light sabers? Before I go out and buy every single book for in existence, anyone here play it? Anything I should know about it before I get it? If you...
  • Forum Post: 3D Star Wars?

    Apparently the success of Avatar has made George Lucas interested in making a 3D Star Wars. Whether it is an entirely new movie/s or remakes it could happen. I would be cool with them breaking canon to make new movies. I'd rather they went further down the timeline to the Zahn trilogy.
  • Forum Post: Favorite Star Wars Movie

    Which Star Wars movie is your favorite and why? Phantom Menace (0%) Attack of The Clones (0%) Revenge of The Sith (11.1%) A New Hope (22.2%) Empire Strikes Back (33.3%) Return of The Jedi (33.3%) The Clone Wars (0%) Total Votes: 9
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