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Battlefront Online

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    This article (from Kotaku) says that Slant Six (SOCOM: Confrontation) may be working on an online-only version of Battlefront (exactly what they did with SOCOM). The game is in pre-production, and is scheduled to come out in 2011. When I read the words "New Battlefront", my heart soared, but then it came down with the words "Slant Six". NOOO! Why LucasArts, why! Why are you giving the sequel to your most successful property to Slant Six! Do you want to murder your fanbase? I'm going to have to play a demo or something before I buy this, because after the debacle that was Confrontation, I do not trust Slant Six at all. Why not give this to Rebellion, or even (if you didn't mind it being PS3 exclusive) Zipper? Makes no sense. 

    What would the world be like if everything suddenly disappeared?

  • Well luckily it doesn't look like this is going to happen.

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