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  • Dead Rising 4 Review - Deck The Halls With Guts And Gory

    Developer: Capcom Vancouver Publisher: Capcom Played on Xbox One The Dead Rising series for me stands as one of the most unique sandbox games out there. You are given a strict time limit to go out and do as much stuff as you can before time runs out.... More
  • Dawn of Dreams .

    Onimusha Dawn of Dreams ...Your unlikely Role Playing Game and The last entry in the main series. (my personal favorite) This one in particular was different, changed the series' formula from Hack 'n Slash /Action Adventure to a Role Playing Game... More
  • 31/31 Day 19: Gaming on the Edge of My Seat

    It’s been a few months since a game had me literally on the edge of my seat, freaking out as I played the game – but last night Pyre had me up until 2 in the morning. When the stakes are high, it’s impossible to not get caught up in... More
  • A New Series of Escape Adventures is Setting the Standard for Live Gaming

    Are you ready to learn a whole new approach to live gaming? If so, you'll be pleased to hear about the exciting new Escape Room Calgary . This is the place where the new style of "escape room" adventures has reached a whole new standard... More
  • Charm and the X Factor

    "That looks cool!" is one of the most important sentences in business. It means that everyone who created a product did a well enough job that they've attracted customers. Of course, customers means revenue, revenue means the increased longevity... More
  • Drug Mythbusting: Far Cry 3 and Psychedelic Mushrooms

    Recently - for my Drugs and Human Behavior course - I was assigned a paper centered on the examination of a pop culture drug myth. I decided to apply this concept to Far Cry 3. The following is the body I came up with. I hope you enjoy. Psychedelics –... More
  • Game Concept: Army of the Night [Working Name]

    So I've been coming up with game concepts for some time now and I thought I'd share some of them (oddly enough listening to music is what gets me thinking). So this will be the first in a potential series of posts. Thank you. Story Concept: An... More
  • Attack on Titan 2 Pop Up Ad.

    I can't possibly be the only one annoyed at that sh#@. Am I? Used to make good blogs but Turi loved stealing those. Good Riddance. This is more fun. YO GI the Pop up ads suck mad Ravioli. Oh yea in case your wondering...yes this is Mega Man. But only... More
  • Proposition for unlockables in RE 2 Remake

    Time for a little fantasizing. What I would love to see as playable versions in the form of unlockables/secrets included in the Resident Evil 2 remake: Resident Evil Prototype (1.5) Biohazard 2 1997 Preview/Trial Edition [hacked with Action Replay/Gameshark... More
  • Show Me Yo Dwellers (GCVT34)

    This week on episode 34 of the unofficial Game Informer Community Video Thingy I'm talking about Fallout 4 and Extra Life. PS stay to the very end if you want to watch the GI crew eat ghost peppers. Facebook group: More
  • Far Cry 5 microtransations, something seems fishy to me.

    Microtransations. The word as become one of the dirtiest right next to Lootbox in the video game industry. Publisher seem to be only interested in shoveling in extra monetization at the expense of player experience. I will not go off on a huge tangent... More
  • When I Play at School...

    A long time ago, when I was in 7th grade or earlier, the Perris High School got a Teen Lounge. It had a pool table and a foosball table. Later they got a Hoop master and a GameCube donated by a fellow student. A small TV, two controllers and one game... More