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  • Valuable Vehicles

    This post is kind of an add-on to my previous post about traveling in video games. I've been super busy the past week so I haven't even had time to see what the Community Writing Challenge is yet, however I plan on doing another post by the end... More
  • What the Hell Just Happened?

    So I woke up today to see that ESPN had decided to move this guy named Robert Lee around. Because they felt like his name was too close to Robert E. Lee. You know, the Confederate General and eponym for a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T from The Dukes of Hazzard... More
  • Costume Quest 2 Review - You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Trick Or Treat

    Developer: Double Fine Productions Publisher: Majesco Entertainment Played on Xbox One If you played the first Costume Quest, you should be able to figure out what happens here. You play as one of two siblings on a Halloween-themed adventure, this time... More
  • Yet Another Reason I Love CD Projekt Red

    As various outlets announce their "Game of the Year" choices, one thing is clear: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was well thought of by many people (I, among them). But one of the main factors of why I love the game (which I am only now getting back... More
  • Looking Forward: May 25th

    Block off your schedule now, because this date next month will see the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Detroit: Become Human, and Dark Souls: Remastered. Apparently, you have to include a colon in the title if you release something on May 25 th .... More
  • Overblood Does E3: Playstation

    This time around the Overblood Community is discussing the Playstation conference where they announced games that we never thought would happen. come join the community: Overblood Facebook page More
  • E3 Gradebook: EA & Bethesda

    While E3 doesn’t officially begin until June 14th, the first day of media briefings are in the book. There were no “huge announcements” that really grabbed me, but the showings of several different games raised my interest levels to... More
  • SEGA, why haven't you worked with Omega Force yet?

    Imagine a game: you're running down an alleyway, through a pile of garbage just to mess with the physics objects, sneakers splashing water was you run through a puddle. Its pretty cool looking; about as detailed and well rendered as Yakuza Zero or... More
  • REVISED:The Robo-Cop re-boot we want.

    I've said it before i will say it again......ROCKSTAR GIVE it to US!!!! All i'm saying is looking at the robo-universe as a whole. Its a perfect fit. Humor, genre (mix between modern and steam punk) and local. If there was ever a GTA replacement... More
  • Journal of a Mechwarrior Part 5

    As I sat in orbit around Linhauiguan, taking stock of all the damage, I realized it was worse than I thought. My repair schedule was sitting at 47 days and even though I had four auxiliary Mechs ready to go they were mostly Light Class and I was down... More
  • A Writer for Fun

    As of January 1 st , 2018 I have finally finished One Punch Man, almost two years since my initial viewing. Now I know what you all may be thinking “Okay, you’re a little late, but cool. It’s a great anime. But why are you up at midnight... More
  • Starblood Arena is Crazy Dope

    Glancing around the main floor of the factory, I see that the two guys who were duking it out down in the corner have blown each other up. Moving quickly, before anyone can fly into the room and see what I am doing, I ascend to my favorite perch in the... More