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  • I Miss You, Games...

    I miss you guys. The games that gave me what I loved, adventure, stories, even some sad times. I will miss you for as long as I can remember you. Hello Wandering Traveler and welcome to another Community Writing Challenge! There are a lot of games I miss... More
  • Resident Evil 7 (Review)

    Resident Evil 7 is a bold new take on the franchise, but it’s also a strong return to form. While recent entries have begun to trade in the survival horror elements of the earlier games for a more action-oriented experience, Resident Evil 7 gives... More
  • Gerardo's Best Games Played In 2017 - #7: Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons

    Under the radar games are one thing, and indies more or like follow the same principle. Once not acknowledged by many, when they do due to their originality and effort they become something like classics, and with good reason. Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons... More
  • LEGO - My Other Hobby

    With the introduction of the new UCS Millennium Falcon, I thought I'd post some thoughts about my other, more expensive hobby. Like most kids in the 80s, I had some LEGO sets. I had a smattering of Space sets and some Town sets. I even had one of... More
  • Why Get Even Reminds Me of Perfect Dark Zero

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] I’m not really one to shy away from making particularly strange comparisons that people wouldn’t often immediately pick up on so that’s part of the reason for this blog. The other reason is pure and simple... More
  • Understanding Horror

    [As Read on SNo2. ] Today’s blog post is about two separate yet semi-related things. The first is an independently developed horror title released in February of 2017 (via Steam) known as Husk (courtesy of Undead Scout). The second is the 2016-17... More
  • Nintendo vs. Capcom: Conclusion

    My first blog of 2018! Hurrah! Anyway, my roster: Akuma, Asura, Captain Commando, Captain Falcon, Charlie Nash, Chris Redfield, Dante, Donkey Kong, Edward Falcon, Fox, Ganondorf, Ike, Isaac, Kirby, Link, Little Mac, Mario, Marth, Mega Man, Meta Knight... More
  • Couch Potato Cosplay: When A Convention Is Just Too Much Commitment

    One of the really magical things about childhood is the ability kids have to turn the ordinary and mundane into an adventure. Through the sheer power of imagination, kids often create their own "augmented reality". This is how the woods in which... More
  • Nintendo vs. Capcom: Capcom's side

    Welcome to the first episode of Nintendo vs. Capcom! I think that this might happen in the future (hopefully AFTER Tekken X Street Fighter) and it's a cool idea to think about. Now, for the roster size, I decided somewhere between Marvel vs. Capcom... More
  • The Rocky Road: My Journey as a League of Legends player

    I think it's something that I think about sometimes. When ever I hear someone talk about League of Legends, the famous MOBA made by Riot, a lot of things come to mind. Stuff like: why made me play it? Do I still love to play it? and last but not least... More
  • Why Iā€™m okay with Link never being a Woman

    Do I think that Link could easily be a woman? Yes. Do I want to be able to play a Zelda game as woman? Sure. Do I think that the decision to keep Link as a male is a big deal? Not really. In a world where so many games offer you a choice of gender, it... More
  • Finished off the Scarecrow

    I just finished the main storyline for Batman: Arkham Knight. I think that this story was a great collimation of all the Batman games. I loved how Batman actually used the spirit of the Joker to defeat Scarecrow. There was a lot of challenging levels... More