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  • Remembering Redbread

    My cousin Redbread passed away last month. He was an awesome guy with a super cool New York job in the music industry. He specialized in licensing and partnerships for advertising and entertainment. This included working with brands like Google, Ford... More
  • A Big Thank You To All of You!

    I'm leaving again, but not for the same reasons. I've been hired on to write for Cynosure Gaming, a smaller site who thought that my writing was pretty good. So my posting here will be very diminished, not entirely gone and I'll still post... More
  • FBI: Hackers robaron millones a EA por medio de FIFA

    Tomado de CR Gamers Hub El FBI afirma que cuatro hackers son culpables de conspiración por cometer fraude electronico, haviendo obtenido millones por un esquema de “mineria” ilegitima de monedas de FIFA . Tras haberse anunciado hace... More
  • Nerd Birth

    Every nerd starts out with a small spark of greatness. Even if this greatness is something small like Thomas the Train. My nerd spark was something more than what most children ever would like. I ultimately loved The Iron Giant. I don't know why,... More
  • The Story of Jeremy, Part 10

    The sun falls to the horizon as the moons light the rest of the night, the cold winds flow through the crisp air as the sound of hooves hit the ground. Fours Knights of the English ride at the night as a guardsman’s body was seen in the distance... More
  • Make GIO Great!

    The title isn't supposed to be a stupid opinionated thought about the community or anything, just some things I want to point out about the site technical standards and how user-friendly it is and what’s wrong with them. I’m not going... More
  • My Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

    The Nintendo Switch was the most discussed gaming topic of 2017. From the hybrid’s launch, to game’s requested to come to the system by fans, to debate over which entry in Nintendo’s beloved franchises had the best outing on the Switch... More
  • December Game Challenge: Week Four (To Vita Or Not To Vita)

    Here we are at the end of one of my least productive months ever. Hooray for me! Wait, scratch that. Super un-hooray for me. I've been embarrassingly unproductive. I'm not one to go all-in on new year's resolutions (I think they can lean towards... More
  • Upcoming Awesome Video Games

    I thought I'd take a break from being permanently confused about how insane the United States is becoming (even though another crazy thing happened today!) to talk about some video games coming up in the next few weeks. If you're like me and you're... More
  • What I'd Do With a New Metroid Game

    So there's a rumor floating around out there that Nintendo has a Metroid game in the works for the Switch which they'll reveal at E3. I don't put a lot of stock in video game rumors since most of them are simply made up on the spot by people... More
  • New Gundam Breaker May Be Coming To PC!

    The impossible may be possible after all. Thanks to PC Gamer , there is very strong evidence the next game in the Gundam Breaker series will not only come to the PS4 in the West, but also PC! Not only did the Brazil Advisory Rating Board list New Gundam... More
  • LBB: Not excited for a WWI Battlefield Game

    Lunch Break Blog #1 I'm not excited for a WWI Battlefield Game Last week, Matt Bertz wrote an opinion piece " Four Reasons World War I Works For Battlefield 5, And Two Reasons It Doesn’t " If you haven't read that yet, do it and... More