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  • New Mario game in development, Says Mario himself

    We're all very aware of the oh-so annoying fact that Nintendo likes to keep their mouths shut about all of their unreleased games for as long as possible. So, it should come as a very big surprise that a new Mario game has been "unofficially... More
  • BioWare announces Mass Effect 2 release date

    BioWare has finally announced that Mass Effect 2 will be hitting North American shelves on January 26. Europe will get the game three days later on January 29. In addition, several pre-order "incentives" have been revealed. Pre-ordering the... More
  • Nintendo... *sigh*

    I don't blog on here often, but when I do, you better believe it's because I have something to say. So Nintendo has claimed ownership of the LPs of various Youtubers. I know that a lot of people will see this and think "why should I care... More
  • Playing At War: Could Video Games One Day Help Resolve Global Conflicts?

    In 1913, esteemed author H.G. Wells (a well know pacifist) wrote a book on waging war, thought it might not be the kind of war you're thinking of. In his book Little Wars, Wells detailed a set of rules for playing war games using miniature toy soldiers... More
  • Rockstar's #MaxPayne3 - - Tweeting the Noir

    [Updated Jan. 11 - yes I know I wrote "story24" twice... woops!] A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet from @RockstarGames about a clever campaign / contest to get everyone talking about Max Payne 3. (Gameinformer posted a story about it shortly afterward... More
  • How to make an excellent Story in games Part 1

    Most of us like our stories to be told the best way possible in our games to expand our knowledge of the game itself, whether it may be from the characters, to guns, to locations, to past lives, etc. And it's no surprise considering videogames are... More
  • Childhood Games You Want to Come Back (OCVT13)

    The Overblood Community Video Thingy is the weekly series for the Game Informer Community that spotlights not only some of the things that Game Informer has done during the week, but also what the community has done. If you're interested in watching... More
  • Gaming brand loyalties and rivalries

    So what exactly is the big deal with people arguing with others over their personal choice in gaming brands? You know what I am talking about. Nintendo vs SEGA, Sony vs Microsoft, Final Fantasy vs Mass Effect, Razor vs Turtlebeach or whatever people think... More
  • Before I Knew About The Industry

    It was 1 year after getting my 360 3 years ago. I was tired of playing games on my own I really wanted to checkout what this multi-player experience was all about. So I decided to go to Best Buy and purchase a wireless adapter for my 360 along with 5... More
  • 28/28 Day 10: The best titles of the Nintendo 64

    The Nintendo 64 is the biggest symbol of nostalgia you will ever find for me. Ever since I was a little kid I've been in total love with the system. My earliest memories place me in front of my babysitter's TV with my little kid friends around... More
  • My Problem with Modern Survival Horror Games

    As I was playing the original Dead Space on hard, having just disposed of the Leviathan, I knew I was about halfway through. Chapter six sets up this battle as a massive endeavor, along with being your first necromorph boss, so on my way through that... More
  • The Walking Dead Season Two: "Amid the Ruins" Review


    The penultimate installments of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us exist as the weakest of the series. “Amid the Ruins” continues that tragic trend.

    ... More