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  • Hidden Game Gems: Episode 2 (Licensed Edition)

    Contains Violence / Gore. Plan accordingly. It's that time again. I took a little bit of time to look through my catalogue of games, reached in and pulled out three gems. This time I'm focusing on licensed games. Licenses games, more of then than... More
  • Based On A Demo! Dragon's Dogma

    If you're in the dark about this game, then let me show you the light: Dragon's Dogma is an Action RPG made my Capcom for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Case closed. When I downloaded this demo I said to myself "This game looks cool, I'll try... More
  • What Wasn't Shown and Why it Doesn't Matter

    Like a half million-odd other site users I tuned in to the two+ hour long news conference Sony put on for it's PS4 reveal the other night. The odds of me being an early adopter were already strong as I've purchased all of their previous systems... More
  • What Gamers Want Out of: Microsoft

    This blog is the first in what I intend to be a series that is if i get enough fanfare for it (I'm not asking for much just a few people who would like to see more) The subject matter will be based on priorties that certain companies seem to focus... More
  • My Complaint/Praise For Metal Gear Solid 4

    Earlier this week I completed Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots twice in one 24 hour period. I've played the game beforehand, in fact those two completions mark my 5th or 6th play through total. So, needless to say I'm very familiar with... More
  • 30/30 : Day 1 - During Halloween last night I...........

    Hello guys, what's going on ?! It's me again MasterZeRo. The only blogger on GI that can deliver a blog ice cold and below the temperature of 0. Just kidding :P That was as corny as I can't even recall.... Let's start over. This is my... More
  • [31/31: The Movie | Part 17] Alone In The Dark (2005)

    A pattern begins to emerge. Paul WS Anderson directs several movies based on videogames, Uwe Boll pursues directing videogame movies. Anderson directs a zombie movie loosely based on Resident Evil , Boll directs a zombie movie loosely based on House Of... More
  • Multiple Delays Do Not Guarantee A Bad Game


    Taking time to ensure a game is quality is not a harbinger of disaster. 

    ... More
  • Mass Effect 3 is the story of the end of Bioware as we knew it (and that is not a bad thing): A rebuttal.

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    Paradigmthefallen posted a well written, well researched, and heartfelt blog today mourning (as he sees it) the death or irrevocable corruption of the famed developer at the hands of it's now evil overlord EA. He claims greed has brought the once... More
  • Mind-Blown: Dark Souls

    Hello, bloggers and gamers of Game Informer! This week's post (actually written on the right day) will be on my favorite R.P.G., Dark Souls. In thinking of which game or series I wanted to write about this week, I wanted a unique game or series for... More
  • Sunday Kickback: What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Hopefully everyone had themselves an ideal Thanksgiving break, with no shortage of food to eat, family to enjoy, and video-games to play. Perhaps you even got a little of Christmas shopping shopping in on Friday, or caught some of the blu-ray sales at... More
  • Epic Gaming Trends Of 2013

    Well guys, the year is coming to a close and now would be a great time to reflect on the greatness that was 2013! This year I noticed a few trends that were present in some very high profile games. I decided that I wanted to take the time to address the... More