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    So I just got done watching the 26th anniversery of Wrestlemania, headlined by Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals, and with it fresh in my mind I'm going to do a recap just for all you wrestling fans out there. I know there are some of you who may be thinking... More
  • Crash Revival! Don't Let Me Down!

    Fellow Crash fans! We have waited a long time for a new Crash Bandicoot game. It was my favorite moment from this years E3 and I am still excited. Amazing how a simple shadow can cause such a commotion. Now, while my excitement is at a super high point... More
  • Monthly Pickups - March '13

    Quite the eventful month. With Bioshock Infinite entering towards the end, I was already expecting to throw down my wallet for that one. You can also expect quite a lot of Dead Space stuff. So here's another look at what a fellow gamer added to his... More
  • Let's Play for Child's Play: Auction Item and Call-In Updates

    New Guest Call-Ins: So, it's been about a week since I first announced "Let's Play for Child's Play" here at GIO. Now I'm here to tell you about some updates to the event. Two more people are poised to call in, and I want you... More
  • Games that stand out to me but are not mainstream(Part 1).

    Valkyria Chronicles-It's mixture of turn based strategy,RTS and RPG elements and great story telling and beautiful artstyle make it a delightful experience. Demon's Souls-It's like a survival horror JRPG.It punishes you heavily for dying or... More
  • My favorite games of this generation... Reviewed!

    As an amateur reviewer, I want to expand my catalog of reviews. Trouble is, I don't buy too many new games. So to sort of set my standards, get my opinion out there, and do a list blog all at the same time, I came up with this. All my favorite games... More
  • Are We Ready?

    If a poll of gamers was taken, with the question of “What is the least desirable aspect of your hobby?”, I would venture to guess that many would respond with “My public perception.” Avid video game fans are often imagined, both... More
  • Graphics != Amazing games

    Okay, I've been assaulted with the upcoming consoles ad nauseum, and I've come to the realization that the ones who buy games for graphics are the ones that are killing games. There is no reason to spend billions of dollars on something that at... More
  • Thanksgaming!

    Allow me to get this out of the way right off the bat: I'm hyper-aware that the title of this piece is truly terrible. When I came up with it and said it out loud to my partner, he (who is endlessly supportive) made a face, looked at me and said,... More
  • Top 10 Video Game Characters That Make Fans Scream...

    Once again back to the lists again! We show the characters that fans love either because of the franchise or just because of the pure story around him or her. This a Top 10 Characters that make fans scream 10. Mario There's a reason why no hasn't... More
  • A Rant About Actions and Words

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    This is my first blog post in years, and it's about a topic that many are being vocal about. This is mainly getting what I'm thinking off my chest, but if there there are other consequences to this, good or bad, then let them come. This is crude... More
  • Stop the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer to the USA

    Greetings GI community. Normally, I don't post things like this. I don't normally like taking sides but then there are times when there is something I believe in. A belief which is being compromised. My belief is that crimes committed on a country's... More