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  • CinemaBlog #3: Inception

    Inception My mind has just been blown. Let's go under, shall we? You and I are going to take a trip to the unreal. Imagine, for a moment, that there was this film. Now, this particular film was a very special one. It had the action and special effects... More
  • reSTART Gaming Rehab waste of money!?

    Most of my friends who are gamers are not fat, one is but thats it. YES we do love playing video games and we play alot. When someone is FAT they can't blame video games and go to a video game rehab they need to go to a FAT CAMP if they are that concerned... More
  • Parappa The Rappa Acoustic Cover Song

    Hellloo GIO! This is a acoustic cover rendition of Prince Fleaswallows rap in Parappa The Rappa I recently did with my brother. It's one of our all time favorite games and I figured it out the other day so we were like" DUDE we gotta cover it... More
  • The Crow and The Dove

    Soaring on the other side of silence. Wings beating against betrayal and heartache. Dark eyes searching the loneliness while black feathers carry him over the empty of his own expectations of the world. Hardened by his past and strong from his pain but... More
  • Games You Need to Know More About: A Series

    I'm pretty certain everyone here has played at least one game in their lifetimes that they loved and found interesting. Interesting enough to research the game and find out more about it. Well, with me, this is the case with hundreds upon hundreds... More
  • The Worst Wastes of Good Ideas in Gaming

    1. Rogue Warrior - This game had so much potential. A tactical stealth shooter set in the Cold War and you play as Dick Marcinko. However, when Bethesda scrapped the previous team and their work for Rebellion, it all went to hell. This is the most major... More
  • Adventures In Video Game Writing

    Last August when I created my site, I set a goal for myself of writing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm proud to say no matter the conditions, I've kept to that schedule since day one. When I first started writing, I had many ideas stockpiled... More
  • GIO Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Tournament Round 2: Round 1 Results and Round 2 Details

    Round one has come to a close, and hot damn was it a doozy. We’ve had surprises, upsets, and incredibly close battles that have set the stage for something truly remarkable in our little GIO Smash Community. Since there are a lot of recaps to go... More
  • 7 Video Game franchises that should "Take it easy," for awhile...

    I guess you could say this is similar to a shortened version of the classic Game Informer 'Sacred Cow Barbecue' or a Sheen roast, but I'm just stating what most others probably feel somewhere and to some extent within. I do not deny that any... More
  • Who I want directing my videogame movies

    As I've been discussing this week if videogames should be movies, I don't think so, but if they are I want them executed the right way. To actually make a good videogame movie. Yesterday, I picked 10 characters from 7 games and told who I thought... More
  • EvoLand Review: Games used to be this?! 8/10

    EvoLand is one of those Indie Games that starts off with a very charming and interesting premise, but well into the adventure, loses everything that made me want to start playing it in the beginning. The "goal" of the game is to present the... More
  • I was on an episode of Replay

    This is Harry Mackin, the fan from the latest episode of Replay. I have never composed a blog before, and hadn't planned to, but I felt I should publicly acknowledge and thank the Game Informer staff and community for the great birthday experience... More