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  • CWC: Getting lost in Final Fantasy, literally and figuratively.

    Final Fantasy has always been a franchise I've admired, but it is also one that I never can seem to dig into for very long. I have played FF V, VI, VII, XIV, and XV, as well as Tactics Advanced 2 for DS. Out of all of those, TA2 is the only one I... More
  • What system is the Better Deal

    GI today posted on Microsoft's reason for their pricepoint on Kinect and their bundle. They made minor mistakes on the pricing but that got me thinking: What really is the better deal? Which system has the best deal on motion controllers (first party... More
  • Tformers/Botcon/GI

    Im home after reporting on Botcon for my favorite Transformers news source: and imagine my surprise when I sign in to GI to find that I had made the front page! More
  • PS4: The Future of Gaming

    This article was originally written for the March edition of the Glen Bard, the Glenbard West student newspaper. This is the full author edition since the newspaper one will probably have portions of it edited out due to its length. Enjoy! PS4: The Future... More
  • GIO Blogger Wars:Chapter 2

    Welcome to Chapter 2! If you want to be in Chapter 3 comment below! Chapter 2 WHAT THE! "OK! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!" said bjdbuch "You don't need to know." said Demon. "Let them know" said Hist "They need to"... More
  • Why I like portal 2

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    Portal 2 is awesome i never had a more awesome time spent ninety minutes straight playing the multi-player with two other people and we had fun we accidentally took each other out with the closing and making each other fall to our doom i had fun thinking... More
  • IWF's 6th Annual Alan "Beetlejuice" Carnill Memorial Show, 3/14/10: Results

    *Before the show started, a video tribute to Alan "Beetlejuice" Carnill was played as the IWF locker room stood ringside and in the ring, followed by the traditional 10-bell salute. *Before the show's matches officially got underway, IWF... More
  • 31/31 Day 17: Top ten videogame characters that deserve their own game.

    Ratchet. Shadow. Vincent Valentine. Wario. This is just a start of the long list of video game characters that have gotten their own spin-off titles. These games were far cries from the original franchise, and allowed the universe to expand. So next up... More
  • 31/31 2 Day 15: My Idea for a Swordfighting Focused Game

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    Video games have evolved since their primitive root on Atari and in arcades. They have gotten bigger budgets, bigger teams, and bigger ideas. More recently, melee combat has gone from a clunky punching mechanic into a deep and complex system. Games like... More
  • 31/31 2 Day 18: 1st Party Characters I Want in PSABR DLC

    In February we will get the first DLC pack for the Sony mascot fighter Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale. However, there are still characters that Sony owns that haven’t appeared in the game yet. These are some of my ideas for some of the characters... More
  • An Intelligent #GamerGate Discussion: Or, How We Can Move On To A Brighter Future

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    EVERYBODY JUST SHUT THE F*** UP #BoobieGate is the real problem here More
  • The Best Games I've Played(So Far) in 2016

    Last year, I decided to do my own game challenge. Such challenge consists of playing 10-5 games per month, give the games a score and upload my progress to my Instagram account. Despite I began doing this at a slow pace, this year my gaming progression... More