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  • Scoring a Legend: The Music of The Legend of Zelda (Part 1)

    T he Legend of Zelda has offered gamers a plethora of iconic scores throughout its lifetime. From the opening notes that accompany the title banner to the medley showcasing the staff credits and familiar faces encountered throughout our time in Link's... More
  • Pic of the Day Roundup: Mysterious Swordsmen and Explosive Lunchboxes

    Video game hype is a magical thing. Depending on how frequently the developers of a title release new information on their upcoming game and the gravity of that information, people will begin to anticipate the arrival of this new game on unseen levels... More
  • Out With New, In With The Old: A Plea To Nintendo

    Come hither, ye Nintendo fans and hear me out, for I am a warrior from yore. I come forth to plead to thee about the grand nature Nintendo once hadst, yet hath lost in recent times. Ay, for they have become a producer of gimmicks and little more than... More
  • My Top Five Worst Games Of This Generation

    This list was hard to write. Unlike the best of this generation, which I very easily remember, I did everything to forget these games. While some bad games might have redeeming qualities, I just don't like these, and nothing has done anything to change... More
  • Cell Phones destroying us

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    Our society is completely immersed in cell phone usage. Everywhere you go, there are people on their phones, texting, surfing and talking. Question is, are cell phones helping or hurting us? Benefits helps us communicate faster helps us with everyday... More
  • GamerScore Contest

    As of the 21 st of November, myself and some friends put some money in a pot and decided that for 2 weeks we will have an achievement contest. The rules are pretty simple: we basically get our Gamerscore as of the start of the contest and then earn as... More
  • The Walking Dead Season Two: "Amid the Ruins" Review


    The penultimate installments of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us exist as the weakest of the series. “Amid the Ruins” continues that tragic trend.

    ... More
  • Lost Planet 3 Review

    On the cold, dead reaches of E.D.N. III, no one can hear your pleas for better dialogue, fulfilling combat, or finer sci-fi weaponry.

    ... More
  • $15 down on a brand new Dodge RAAM

    [Raam's Shadow DLC review - Xbox 360 - 8.5/10] The second Gears of War 3 DLC dropped this week, and - after a brief kerfuffle where Season Pass owners were prompted with a 1200 MSP download, instead of the free one - players were given the chance... More
  • A Few Infinite Oddities

    *Spoiler-free* I didn't really enjoy the first Bioshock. Aside from the story the game itself failed somehow to pull me in. That's not to say I didn't slog my way through it to see the eventual conclusion, just that it's definitely not... More
  • Every Game I've Ever Beaten: Part 2

    The early days were nice, but the Genesis/SNES console generation was the, ahem, genesis of my addiction. The number of games I defeated rose substantially from the NES days, yet at the same time games were becoming more and more complex. RPGs moved to... More
  • Reality Gaming (Exclusively for ONI NO TENSHI & OTHERS)

    No podcast this time. And it's still a very special occasion that I'm writing a blog post in summer time 4.30AM (I haven't slept). The only thing I did during the night was completing Morrowind's main quest, but that's not the point... More