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  • WGWC- The Reviewing

    Hello everyone in another installment of my WGWC blogs. Today I'll be reviewing my first game ever, Pokemon Fire Red version on my trusty Pikachu GBA. When I inserted this game in my GBa, I was blown away. Before, I only had a couple of Pokemon cards... More
  • Graphics in Shooters: We love them, but should we hate them?


    Do graphics help shooters or hinder them? Black Rook debates this in his latest blog. *Note: Virtual Cookies will not be distributed.

    ... More
  • One Hell Of A Week

    Well as the name of this blog says, this week has been one hell of week for me folks. So much big stuff has happened to me this week it's almost mind blowing. I've got a new Truck Yep I got a new-ish '98 dodge truck. My old Caprice Classic... More
  • Ocaraina of time secrets part 2.

    Ok, i just got to the forest temple, and on my way, found some petty cool things, and took some pictures for you guys. X MARKS THE NO MASK Here is my inventory screen. What is that x, you ask, when you have no mask, but still look in your inventory after... More
  • The Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective Part 3: Magnolia

    The Paul Thomas Anderson Retrospective continues! Last time, we took a look at the film that put Paul Thomas Anderson on the map: the ambitious, epicly scoped Boogie Nights . Today, however, we see Anderson pushing the limits of ambition AND scope in... More
  • Pokeycrack, The pocket monster craze

    What do you think of when you hear the name Pokemon. The kid friendly RPG that has produced about one million games that follow a formula that is getting pretty old by now. Do you gently rub the scar that runs across you face you got when you were a kid... More
  • My HEAVY RAIN ending (spoiler)

    I loved this game and it is now one of my favorites. I love it because of the variety of endings and the drastic effects choices can make. I also really like the game because it is different in that it does not have game overs, whatever happens sticks... More
  • The Sweet Sweet Review of Cannibal Holocaust (I'm never going in the jungle)

    I honestly have no idea where to begin with this review. Back when I was in high school, 12 years ago, my friend Harrison and I went on a gore fest, watching the most gory movies we could find. He told me about this movie, and how it was banned. I really... More
  • Snipers Are A Part of A Balanced Breakfast

    Thats right. I eat snipers for breakfast! I've been playing Bad Company 2 when I can and I got to say, it is a great alternative to Modern Warfare. Dont get me wrong, I highly enjoy MW2 but Bad Company is a whole different ball game. I love the lack... More
  • The first(and last) blog I'm gonna write that has nothing to do with gaming.

    Hello everyone whats up? Not much for me except that i found a part time and may start working soon(:D).Now maybe I can finally move up to the next generation consoles.Anyway thats not what I'm here to talk about.We all had hard times in our life... More
  • Still Has a Place in our Hearts: Part I

    With my schedule being so grueling and me not having a chance to pick up any new games to review, I decided to delve into my old favorite system, the PS2, and get a little nostalgia going. I decided to play through Kingdom Hearts I and II just because... More
  • Challenge Accepted!

    A while back, I wrote a blog on how Vice City on the iphone made me a better gamer. With its "not built for touch screen" true to the PS2 entirety, I trudged through it for the sake of my love of the franchise (and having a GTA on my phone is... More