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  • Revisiting My PSOne: Resident Evil 2

    Polishing off another title that I have fond memories of, I think I have an even better appreciation of the quality of Resident Evil 2 this time around. The new standard enemies are tough replacements for what were in the original game, and there's... More
  • R.U.S.E. Delayed Again...When Was it Supposed to Be Released?

    The answer to that question would be 2/2/10-almost four months before its new set release date-6/1/10. Why such a long delay, though? During January 2010 their trailers seemed to be beckoning to everyone that R.U.S.E was not very far away. Now, with an... More
  • Limbo

    I’m going to shed some light on playdead studios’ latest creation: Limbo. The game features a young nameless boy who embarks on a long journey to find his lost sister in a truly unsettling, decaying world! The first thing you’ll notice... More
  • Wanna know where i wanna go one day?

    here. Full Sail University in sunny Florida. now u may be asking urself, "hey nutts, why u wanna go there for?", well i would say to u, first, go back to grammar school, second, r u kidding me? this school teaches the fundamentals of entertainment... More
  • LOL

    I was checking on how fast the the college campus internet was. More
  • 31/31 Day 3: Memories of a Companion (Game) Cube

    12 1
    Hello everyone, and welcome to day 3 of my 31 for 31! Today’s focus is a look back at my Gamecube, which not only is my favorite gaming system I’ve ever owned, but also my first console I’ve ever owned. I got my Gamecube for my 5th birthday. I remember... More
  • My Personal Rants: "5 is Average"

    (Note: This is my first blog so if it's terrible that's my excuse) I am absolutely tired of reading in comment sections of reviews that 5 is average. Okay, maybe I should back up a bit. I was watching a video review on another site for a game... More
  • What Happened to the 'Game' in Gameplay?

    I haven’t slept much in the past few days, and when that happens I tend to start to think sporadically. When I think sporadically, I obviously have many different thoughts that come to mind and then leave just as quickly, but when I thought about... More
  • Before I Knew About The Industry

    It was 1 year after getting my 360 3 years ago. I was tired of playing games on my own I really wanted to checkout what this multi-player experience was all about. So I decided to go to Best Buy and purchase a wireless adapter for my 360 along with 5... More
  • Nintendo and Used Games: They Have the Right Idea

    Since the reveal of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the gaming industry has really been focused on the controversy of used games. The rumors and conflicting statements from both Sony and Microsoft concerning their policies toward used games have led to many... More
  • Looking Ahead - Batman: Arkham Knight

    TheDarkestLink is back for this weeks Looking Ahead blog focusing on the greatly anticipated conclusion to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy. This game was revealed in 2014 only to be delayed into this June. Batman: Arkham Knight has been shown at E3 2014... More
  • Brandon on Jay Leno

    Brandon hates Jay Leno. It's kind of surprising how riled up he gets sometimes. He hated him on The Tonight Show, and he despises his new show. I told him "Brandon, it's the exact same thing as what he did on the Tonight Show, he just doesn't... More