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  • Backlog Blog #15: Runbow – There’s 9 colors in this rainbow

    Runbow has been out about a month now, but it’s been tragically overlooked. Maybe it’s because it’s exclusive to Wii U, or maybe it’s because it’s from a relatively unknown developer, or maybe people just don’t follow... More
  • Gaming While Sick

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    I started to feel ill a couple of days ago. Yesterday it intensified, and last night I took some meds before bed and hoped for the best. When I woke up this morning, I was in full-blown awful mode. I went back to bed and stayed there until after noon... More
  • Game Pitch #1: LIVE.DIE.REPEAT

    I love video games. If I could play video games all day, I would. But if there was one thing I liked doing more than playing video games, it would be dreaming up ideas for video games. It's something I do almost non-stop, whether I'm working,... More
  • Just purchased Skylanders Super Chargers for Wii U and 3DS

    I was looking at Skylanders Super Chargers online, and I wasn't sure what system to buy it for; it's funny how Nintendo puts Donkey Kong on the Wii U starter pack and Bowser on the 3DS starter pack. Both characters look like they have nice powers... More
  • Community Challenge: Enuo, The Video game

    Thinking about my life as a video game didn't turn into anything all that eventful. I had a pretty normal childhood and, with the exception of the two years I spent living in the mountains, there isn't too much about my life that would make for... More
  • The way I would like my life to be if it was a Videogame.

    Note: I wrote:-The way I would like my life to be if it were a Videogame.- I've already corrected it by typing was instead of were and if is not like that and just like I posted in the first place then grammar have kicked me in the balls once again... More
  • Game Informer Online Fantasy Football Scoreboard, 2015 Season- Week 2

    4 1
    Brought to you by: "Despair. MY FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM HAS LEFT ME IN DESPAIR!" Well, not really. The Giants on the other hand...wait a minute, I'm supposed to be doing something. Welcome to yet another week of GIO fantasy football action... More
  • Growing Up and Video Games

    Been a while since I posted a blog. In fact, I think it's been like a year and a half. In that time I've grown up. Both literally, since I'm two years older but also in terms of maturity and responsibility. Since I posted those first blogs... More
  • One Odd Journey (To A GI Internship)

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    I often joke that I spend just as much time reading and writing about video games as I do actually playing them. As exaggerations go, it hasn't always been that far off the mark. From the moment I first plopped down with my first console, I wanted... More
  • September Game Challenge: Week Four (Who Am I Kidding?)

    If anyone out there reads my writing on any sort of basis, you will already know that I have a weakness for Destiny. This weakness sometimes involves marathon sessions of the game which render my system sleepless until my eyes start watering and I can... More
  • I'm in the Rock Band Road Crew!

    I made this really silly video as part of the application to be in the Rock Band Road Crew, and I made it in! The video is pretty cringy and not edited particularly well, but I had a ton of fun making it and they must've noticed that. Or they just... More
  • Tearaway Unfolded Review: Mastercraft

    Tearaway in an unequivocal masterpiece as far as I'm concerned; it's visually stunning, fiercely creative and emotionally astonishing experience that's truly unlike any I've seen before on the Vita or otherwise. It's a game that truly... More