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  • Gerardo's Best Games Played In 2017 - #5: Final Fantasy VI

    First things first, I was supposed to beat Final Fantasy VI, or III last year but time wasn't in my favor. However, when one wants to beat a game, one does so occasionally and/or at the right time. Completing Final Fantasy VI marked the last of 2D... More
  • Unreasonable Lawsuit

    There was a game that came out somewhat recently that would top many games on the Steam Most Bought list. It has so many players constantly playing to this day and have gained a massive following as to how huge the impact was when it exitted the beta... More
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Review - Heaven Or Hell

    Developer: Atlus Publisher: Atlus Nintendo 3DS Exclusive This has been the first entry in the mainline of Shin Megami Tensei games since Nocturne released back in the Playstation 2 era. Since then, there have been various spin-off games and side series... More
  • Looking To The Future

    So I've been gone a while from here, and despite saying I would be doing otherwise with my last post , It looks like it might stay that way...but not entirely. While most people would take this time to make a top ten list of their favorite games or... More
  • Doki Doki Literature Club Review: A Very Pleasant Surprise

    Isn't this ironic? My last post was about how I don't super like horror games and wow... I found one that I really, really enjoyed. So, before I start this time, take into mind that this game, like Undertale, is best played blind. If you enjoy... More
  • Cuphead Review - My Cup of Tea

    Developer: Studio MDHR Publisher: Studio MDHR Played on Xbox One Cuphead has garnered quite a lot of notoriety for its difficulty and it certainly is a hard game, but it is also a fair brand of difficulty. Perseverance is the order of the day when it... More
  • Gerardo's Best Games Played In 2017 - #4: That Dragon, Cancer

    "Often in video games we get to choose how we are seen, our avatars and our tweets, and the work that we do are an omen to portray the story that we want to tell the world, about why our lives matter" Joel's father. That Dragon, Cancer is... More
  • The Undisputed Best Games of 2017

    2017 has been one of the strongest years in gaming ever. From various genres and studios both big and small, we have experienced some of the best games this medium has to offer. Lets take a look at what I believe are the best games of 2017: Best Indie... More
  • Why I Don't Enjoy Horror Games(Halloween!!)

    Hey, so before I start, Gameinformer had a pretty major glitch. Any time I clicked the Post button, I was met with an error. But now... BUT NOW I HAVE FOUR BLOGS TO POST!! My Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday gift to all of you! Wooo-HOOOO!! So, yeah, I didn't... More
  • What Game(s) Disappointed You the Most in 2017?

    Last time, I wrote a post asking about games that fully met your expectations and/or lived up to their hype. Now that we're coming up on the end of 2017 and all the Game of the Year debates are in full swing, I want to pose a different question. Everyone... More
  • Nintendo vs. Capcom: Capcom's side

    Welcome to the first episode of Nintendo vs. Capcom! I think that this might happen in the future (hopefully AFTER Tekken X Street Fighter) and it's a cool idea to think about. Now, for the roster size, I decided somewhere between Marvel vs. Capcom... More
  • Gerardo's Best Games Played In 2017 - #3: Revelations Persona

    It is not a lie that I really love the Persona series, I mean I blogged about Persona 5 a lot this year. Once an unknown series to me, Shin Megami Tensei or just Persona has become my second favorite video game series ever since I granted me the opportunity... More