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  • Here Comes A New Challenger

    Snow. It’s a wonderful thing. I haven’t seen it in such a long time, and I haven’t felt the perfect sting of a truly cold day in years. For someone who was raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and later lived near Detroit for... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Traveling Gaming Worlds

    Games offer us the posiblity to travel far and wide through their diverse overworlds, and whether linear or open world, long stages to short ones, what lies in there can easily makes us feel like if we were inside the game. We saw worlds only from above... More
  • January Game Challenge: Week Four (Holy Crap, I'm Doing It!)

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    I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but I made some excellent progress not only on January's game challenge, but my larger challenge for the year, as well. For anyone not familiar, my hefty challenge for the year was to beat over 50 games... More
  • How To Dress For An Interview

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    When I got the interview for Game Informer’s winter internship, I completely fumbled my first interaction. Ben Reeves emailed me to stop by the offices around lunch, and I misinterpreted that as an offer to interview over a bite to eat. I thought... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 9 - Braid

    When Braid released on the Xbox 360's fledgling Xbox Live service, it changed everything for the indie games industry. It broke the barrier between artistic game development and more entrenched industry institutions. Its legacy is hard to ignore.... More
  • TheDarkestLink's 2015 Awards

    It's still the month of January and I'm still in a reflective mood. I put out a few blogs over the past few days showing my favorite 2015 games and my favorite non-2015 games that I played in 2015. So let's wrap up the reflection with my awards... More
  • My Favourite Games of 2015

    2015 was widely hailed as a brilliant year for video game software, but in truth I had to limit my spending throughout the year, and as a result I skipped a lot of games in favour of others. So if a game you loved is missing from this list it may very... More
  • 5 Things Gamers Used To Think When Playing For The First Time.

    I'm pretty sure we all remember how we used to think when we began playing games for the first time. Things like feeling a game will end by just defeating a though boss. Believing that a certain gear will be the best a game had to offer, or that simply... More
  • Ranking Two Decades of Mario RPGs

    Of all the video game characters in existence, Mario is perhaps the most versatile of the bunch. He is essentially the Mickey Mouse of the gaming industry, in that he can be thrown into just about any scenario, and it somehow won't feel out of place... More
  • 10 Games of 2015 that Weren't Completely Horrendous According to Me

    Last year with AAA seemingly mucking up or delaying every other big release, I came to the realization that I’ve started drifting from that market. This year, with them righting the ship, at least according to most folks, I’m confident now... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Move Like a Ghost, Sting Like a Scorpion

    Hey guys, since I already posted one today, it's time for a short addition to the Community Writing Challenge. I started my gaming days as a Halo fanboy by replaying Halo 2 over, and over, and over again. I didn't have any internet connection... More
  • Fallout Shelter Tips

    Hey guys, I meant to post this blog ages ago when the game first released, but completely spaced on it. Here it is, better late than never I suppose! Hope you all enjoy! Quit game & Force Stop (Android version, not sure about iPhone) One thing that... More