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  • Alan Wake 2 Has To Be In Development Now...Right?

    Alright, guys, this isn't a harebrained theory of mine. This is a factual representation of my opinion...or something like that, anyway. Look, it's founded on rational reasoning, proof, hard work, and you've already stopped reading, haven't... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Greek Myths and Wonder Woman

    I actually had a really time with this writing challenge because I felt like I had so many ideas. But, as much as I would LOVE a game focused on Norse mythology, I’ve been dreaming of a Wonder Woman game with an emphasis on Greek mythology for a... More
  • Destiny And The RNG Are Making Me Cranky

    I had every intention of writing something other than this today. I had my ideas all lined up, yet all I could think about was how cranky I've become because of Destiny and the nonsense surrounding it. I know, I know, I've written about Destiny... More
  • The Jungle Book Movie Review

    A lot of people this past weekend walked into The Jungle Book with low expectations, but when I went to watch it last night, I was the complete opposite. I have been sold ever since I saw that Jon Favreau was directing, and an insanely talented cast featuring... More
  • Dark Souls 3 Review: Still Burning Strong

    While playing Dark Souls 3, in an area near the end of the game, I began thinking and reflecting how much better I had become at the Souls series since I first tried out the first one years ago. Throughout my journey through Dark Souls 3 I repeatedly... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Kratos' Legend...

    Hello Wondering Traveler and welcome to this entry of a Community Writing Challenge! After playing only one entry of the game, God of War, I was hoping the next game would explore other mythological tales. The Mystical Creatures There is a lot of legends... More
  • Dark Souls 3 - I Think I Can

    Dark Souls is a game you can't play too aggressively. You also can't play too defensively either. It's like From Software knows the major playstyles in every action adventure game and covered all bases...block too much, and you run out of... More
  • My Blogging Experience

    I have been a member here on Gameinformer for 2 years now, and my 100th blog is only 3 entries away. Becoming a blogger was something I actually never imagined, not even as a hobby and yet, here I am feeling grateful for the impact it has had on me. First... More
  • 3 Gaming Trends That Need To Stop

    The gaming industry has evolved so much in the last 10 years, but it seems that publishers have become a bit more greedy, it's seems like they always want to win, while gamers end up with so so products, so here's 3 gaming trends happening now... More
  • Xenoblade Chronicles- The Power of Forgiveness

    Warning: Spoilers follow for Xenoblade Chronicles. If you haven't cleared Mechonis Core, you will receive major spoilers about the original Xenoblade Chronicles. However, if you have finished Mechonis Core and haven't finished the game, you will... More
  • In the Next God of War, I Want Kratos to be the Target

    Allow me to explain; Needless to say, Spoilers Ahead for those who have not played through the first three games. Kratos has been the poster child anti-hero since the franchise's inception in 2005. By no means sympathetic, by no means merciful, just... More
  • UPDATE: Serious Problems and Killer Mistakes...

    Welcome Wondering Traveler and welcome to a small talk to the people who read my stuff. I know most of you guys out there, and I can't believe this statement myself, like to read my Top 10's better than my wacky gaming stories, things I have to... More