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  • My Game Script: Experiment Ber - Chapter One: Act 1

    Two months ago thanks to a writing challenge, I posted the prologue to my game script: Experiment Ber. At first, I had my doubts on how and when to do it, but as I began to write it here I did not only had a good time but also returned to my writing roots... More
  • Submerged Review: A Beautiful Story Hidden in Repetitive Gameplay

    A dedicated sister, a dying boy, and a mysterious sunken city all combine to create the beautiful and poignant game that is Submerged. Set in a visually stunning environment, Submerged tells multiple stories in a uniquely wordless way. Playing as a young... More
  • Discovering Writing Through Adversity

    This past December I finally decided to become more involved in the GI community. Going back to school last fall really ignited my passion for writing and I am glad to have a place where I can blog about gaming. Two years ago I was living under very different... More
  • The Other Side Of A Gamer

    Ever since I joined Gameinformer back on November 8, 2013, my posts have been mainly focused on gaming, but what about me? Sure I have gone on and on about some things about myself, and even though I've been quite repetitive, I feel this urge to share... More
  • The Philosophical Implications of Pokemon GO's Success

    About a week ago, I was standing outside on a perfect summer night, staring up at the sky. It was a clear night. One where practically every star in the universe seemed to be visible to the naked eye. And, my mind began to just... drift. I was looking... More
  • Violence as a Tool of Tone

    Gore is great – I’m sure many out there will agree. There’s so much glee in it, largely because it’s so indulgent. Recent haunted-house homage film We Are Still Here has a fantastically bloody climax, capping off the movie on a... More
  • Does This Generation Lack the "Wow" Factor like Last Generation Did?

    Let me start off by saying this, I love my Xbox One and Playstation 4 video game systems. I never been a PC guy, and home consoles have been my choice since I got the original Playstation system for my birthday as a kid. Now, as a player her prefers to... More
  • The Legends of Team Fortress 2

    Back in in the early 2000's, multiplayer was large and widely recommended to those who love to compete. Gaming was strange back then: we mostly got games of strange stories, bloody, mindless shooters with a small plot and games that took history into... More
  • A Gamer Blogger Schedule

    If you have been reading my blogs until now, this may sound more of the same. However, sometimes getting things out of my chest, by writing them, is the best way for me to ease stressful situations. At the beginning of this month, I had to put my backlog... More
  • Powers: Decent so far, but it could be great!

    The Sony owned series Powers has been available to all PS+ members since March of last year. Ever since the series was revealed at E3 I never really thought much of it, but after a coworker recommended giving it a shot I decided to check it out. Since... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus

    The point of this series is to highlight games with prominent female protagonists so that girls can have games that they see themselves in. Chronicles of Teddy is an absolutely amazing, wonderful, fun game – but how much of own opinion is affected... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 32 - God of War

    2005's God of War set a new standard for the action-adventure genre for the following several years. The PS2 classic rolled in game of the year accolades and catapulted Sony's Santa Monica Studio into the limelight as one of their most important... More
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