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  • One-Hit Wonders: Psi-Ops

    Not every one-hit wonder game is terrible, nor is it by the hands of one company whom we'll never hear of again. Contrary, Psi-Ops was awesome! It's rare that I've played a game that had mediocre firefights, bland levels, a bland protagonist... More
  • Fallout 4 Review...

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    I know this might be a bit late, but I had to play the game a lot to make this review happen. Some of the game was bit of a mystery to me even after playing it for the first time. And how the game was a gigantic field of awesome memories, but I'm... More
  • Most Anticipated Games of 2016

    These are my most anticipated games for 2016: Gravity Rush Remastered I heard a lot about Gravity Rush on the Vita. Mostly positive things. Some have said it is the best title on that platform. So when I heard it was coming to the PS4, I was excited.... More
  • New Podcast: Super Console Club

    "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." I've been in and out of the podcasting game a couple of times in the past... what has it been now? Six years? We had a good run with Robot in the Corner. I think that ran for over two... More
  • What I Want From The Future Of Smash Bros


    With all of the DLC now released for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS I'd like to share what I want to see for the future of the franchise.

    ... More
  • Can A Game Be Too Big?

    For anyone who follows my writing, it's not news that I've been playing a veritable crap ton of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It was (and still is) my goal to "finish" the game by the 9th so I could focus on three new releases coming out... More
  • How Being A Gamer Have Helped Me As A Language Student

    One of my hardest decisions in life so far deciding what I wanted to study will never be forgotten. My brothers were amazed by my English knowledge for a teenager who hadn't taken courses of it and with only video games to justify my level with the... More
  • What's your favorite gaming hardware combo?

    Sooo... seeing as how I got off early from work today I figure I would instead of just starting blankly at my screen (feels so good), indulge the community. Normally I would use this opportunity to catch up on some gaming but my work schedule has conditioned... More
  • Post-Beta Thoughts On The Division

    Along with many others last weekend, I spent some significant time with Ubisoft's beta for The Division. I had hoped it would clear up some of my uncertainty surrounding the game, yet I came away with more questions than ever. Allow me to say right... More
  • Game Club - FF7 part 1: Escape Midgar

    I first played FF7 my senior year of college in 2005/2006. My brother gave me his PS2 and when my friend saw I had one he said I had to get this game called Final Fantasy VII. So I found the PS1 4 disk game on ebay. My friend and I would play it together... More
  • Can Final Fantasy XV Succeed?

    With the announcement of the announcement of the release date of Final Fantasy XV, I started to wonder if this is yet another case of “too good to be true.” Episode Duscae was entertaining for a short demo, but the latest footage shows that... More
  • Gee, If Only I Had A List Of Game I Beat This Year...

    Inspired by Reiner, I decided to keeps a list of games I beat this year. I will try to update the throughout the year. I will add a little info on the playthroughs, such as: whether or not it was my first time beating it, what difficulty, and did I use... More
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