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  • Birthday Backlog Bonanza!

    [This post originated on my personal blog site here . As I do not believe in simply posting links to promote my site, go ahead and read the full post below!] I'm a lucky guy. Steam's annual summer sale coincides with my birthday. Thanks to this... More
  • My Favorite Games: A Decade Long Retrospective Pt. 5

    [As Originally Read on SNo2 .] It’s been some time since the last iteration of this blog series, however here I am bringing you the next post in succession- as well as more on both my Pokemon and Borderlands 2 retrospectives in the near future.... More
  • Twelve Characters I'd Like to See in BBCTB

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle has me extremely excited. Not only is it another Arc System Works fighting game, but it combines some of my favorite franchises in a two versus two battle system, allowing for excellent team ups (Yu Narukami and Ruby Rose for... More
  • Ms. Goldstein - Chapter 4

    Hi y'all! I have returned from vacation intact, having survived the last several weeks in wilds of Northern Michigan. Have you guys been there? It's pretty super. Nice beaches. I am pleased to present the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of... More
  • Vote on My Backlog

    So back in 2015 my steady gaming pace (I had always been able to stay current with the game-du-jour) came to a screeching halt with Helldivers; quite possibly the best co-op multi-player game I've ever encountered. Just about the time my addiction... More
  • Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - Review

    Una Aventura Sin Igual Desde hace unos meses venía siguiendo Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles , la primera vez que vi uno de sus trailers, no pude evitar recordar al mismo Link y el más reciente Zelda , es claro que las distancias están... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 69 - Mass Effect 3 (Part One)

    This week our topic was a bit tricky - Mass Effect 3 released to critical praise in 2012 but also made a name for itself by being at the epicenter of one of the biggest fan backlashes in gaming history. In order to properly talk about the conclusion of... More
  • The Story of Jeremy, Part Nine

    The air grew cold as the sun had left hours past, men and women of the Joraal march for the beginning of their revolution. Majors and leaders were on horseback, in the front lines as they wore their armor proud and held their flags high as they roamed... More
  • My Midyear Top 5 GOTY List

    It's hard to believe that more than half of 2017 is already over. It seemed like just a few weeks ago I was looking forward to kicking off the year with some Resident Evil VII. Up to this point the games that have released in 2017 have been some mighty... More
  • Análisis Jump Stars - PC

    El estudio independiente Jamit Games trae a la mesa una propuesta divertida y llena de acción: Jump Stars, donde con risas, disparates y ratos hilarantes para disfrutar con nuestros amigos desde la comodidad del sillón. Dentro de Jump Stars... More
  • The Essentials Challenge: The Darkest Link - Half-Life

    Watch out! I'm throwing Essentials blogs at your head! TDL proves once again that he's among the premier game completers of our generation, finishing ANOTHER Essential to follow-up his completion of Snake Eater . This time around, he takes on... More
  • Top 4 Anime That Should Have a Game

    2 1
    I've always liked anime... Actually my dad introduced it to me, with Robotech and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, giving me a new fandom to carry. I've played Persona 5 recently and liked, the anime look was nice and the turn based gameplay was... More
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