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  • Overwatch Review - A New Competitor

    Before I start this review I have to emphasize this is a MULTIPLAYER GAME ONLY , there's no single player content, no thought provoking story and you always need to be connected to the game's server to play. Okay, let's dig in. Overwatch is... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Are Casual Games Satisfying?

    I though the start of summer would mean more time to play games – turns out I was right, just in an unexpected way. I went from working 12 hours a week to 32 hours which means that most of the games I play are on my phone as I try to kill time at... More
  • My Go to Games for New Gamers

    I originally was going to post a ridiculously long comment with multiple games and reasons why I thought the following games were good for new players on Marchiafava's Question of the Month article when instead I figured, "why not a blog?"... More
  • A Contrary Opinion on the Uncharted Series

    Hello, good people of GIO. I return only for a bit in the midst of the craze over Uncharted 4: A Thief's End to give my opinion on the series as a whole. In a review of Uncharted 4 in the Washington Post, Michael Thomsen gave a strongly worded critique... More
  • Overwatch Brings Out The Best, And The Worst, In Me

    There's no doubt about it: I love Overwatch. When I'm not playing Overwatch, I'm thinking about Overwatch, and, even as I write this, I'd rather be playing Overwatch. No offense. Last night, I was making a priority of trying out new characters... More
  • Top 10 Best Easter Eggs of Today's Games...

    There are a lot of easter eggs today. In games now-a-days, it is a must for devs to put an easter egg to make the player laugh or ponder what they gave us. From easter eggs that made us laugh to easter eggs that brought a smile to our faces, Hello Wandering... More
  • A Fool's Journey: Dark Souls - Part 4

    Hello and welcome once again to my continuing journey through Dark Souls. Last time , I began my trek underground and made my way through the basement and depths. My run was going unbelievably well up until the boss of the depths. After a grueling fight... More
  • Does Gender Make or Break a Game?

    As I watched the credits roll for Uncharted 4 tonight I could not help but wonder whether all of these years with Nathan Drake would have felt any more or less fulfilling had the protagonist been a female. Would ANY game for that matter have a profoundly... More
  • Bethesda: The King of Rebooting and Reinventing

    With the recent release of the newest Doom game, many people have been providing very high praise for the reboot of one of the most popular gaming franchises. The reboot of Doom manages to find a way to bring the traditional Doom ideals to the modern... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: What Make Games Satisfying?

    From the moment we seat to play games, we expect one and one thing only: to have fun. This particular hopeful premise we all so desire prior playing is accompanied by other aspects, being the most notable graphics and gameplay, but what about the rest... More
  • 10 Nintendo Games that Could Make the Move the Mobile

    There’s no disagreement that Nintendo has been making some weird moves lately – one of which is the move to mobile gaming. While we may not know much about the upcoming Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games, they make a lot of sense. Both... More
  • Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC Review

    Dev Executive: Okay guys! How do we get people to love Fallout more than we already do? Designer: Lets give them a robot build bench with a few side quests to get them hyped! Co-Writer: How about a new set of building material to trap monsters in the... More
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