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  • Shadow of Mordor - Into The Frying Pan

    Games based in the Lord of the Rings universe have been on a somewhat downward trend in recent years. In 2011 came Snowblind Studios' Lord of the Rings: War in the North , a hack-and-slash action game that failed to impress critically and sold pretty... More
  • Everything Wrong with Overwatch Pt. 2

    When a friend saw my post a while back, she told me to play it again, since what I was complaining about was already fixed by the time it was posted. We planned a game together and we waited for a match. And we waited... And we waited... And we waited... More
  • Some of The Most Expected Games of 2017

    This year - 2017 - will be a really great year for the gaming industry. We will see launches for all platforms and many of the games are to be launched much sooner than expected. The upcoming Switch games are eagerly expected but we cannot deny the other... More
  • Been A Long Time, Comrades

    Hello again, beloved GI community! What, you don't remember me? I can't say I blame you - it's been quite a while since the last time we talked to each other. This is Connor Trinske again, and I used to be an intern here at Game Informer back... More
  • Some justification for the poor reviews of Iron Fist

    I've never been one to disregard a movie or TV show solely based on a review. Iron Fist didn't exactly spark confidence with its early reviews, but Marvel on Netflix doesn't tend to let me down too much and I would like to stay up to date... More
  • When Do You Stop Playing A Game?

    I’m done playing Breath of the Wild – or rather, my dad’s borrowing it for the next couple of weeks so I can’t actually play it. So, I’ve spent the last couple of days tracking down every last shrine and learning to accept... More
  • The Incredibles Part I: The Witch

    NOTE: Apologies for taking so long for putting this up. I haven't had too much time to write, so yeah. Hopefully future entries will go up more reliably, but no promises. For now, though, enjoy part I of The Incredibles. Rotten Tomatoes page , IMDb... More
  • Why Kefka is one of the greatest villains ever.

    To anyone who has played Final Fantasy VI, they are surely familiar with the maniacal villain of the game and his trademark laugh. Whenever I think about the best villains in videogames, he is still in my #1 spot. If you've never played FF6, here's... More
  • The Essentials Challenge - Month One Update!

    28 1
    *UPDATE!* Month 2, ladies and gentleman! We've only had one more completion since our last update, with Mr. Insane Buffoon getting his Undertale on. Head down below to take a look at his final thoughts, as well as the thoughts of our other finished... More
  • The Story Jeremy, Part 6

    Tension, fear, the minds of the crowd of Joraal have nothing but these feelings set in mind as the crack of the whip made each one flinch. An old man, sitting at his porch had a front row seat of the whipping. Crack, he smiled as he took a few swigs of... More

    Her large blue eyes could barely look away. Even as the storm winds howled all about the surface transport. This part of the ride had always frightened her, and yet filled her with an insatiable curiosity. From her window seat, she could see them clearly... More
  • Game In a Game

    During my Easter vacation, which as far as I'm concerned was too short to be considered a vacation, I found myself unable to find a game to commit to. Typically when I am out of town I will pack my Vita and decide on a game to focus on during my vacation... More
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