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  • Achievements or Trophies which do you prefer?

    I love Achievements because they look nice on your Gamer Card . I love Achievements because of the " Achievement Unlocked " sound. I love Achievements because they give you more reasons to play a game you'd other wise would be done with... More
  • Black Wing Foundation announces Scivelation

    Recently TopWare Interactive acquired the exclusive publishing rights to Scivelation, what looks to be an ambitious, story driven, action game. Powered by the Unreal III Engine, Scivelation has been given a mid-2010 release for both the PC, and next-gen... More
  • Thoughts on ME2's Subject Zero

    The character introduction trailer for self-proclaimed badass "Subject Zero" has been out for awhile now and the only words I can manage to conjure up in response are, "What...wait, really?" I can kind of understand where they're... More
  • Community Update - 10.11.09

    It hasn't been an entire week since the first Community Update . But this will be alot easier to keep up with if I make it a weekend thing. So here we go. A lot of awesome things have been happening within the GI community this week and the list is... More
  • A GI Public Service Announcement: How to Protect Your Children on the New Site

    30 6
    Hello again everyone, how are you doing? Good? Well that is fantastic. Today, I would like to bring up a very important public service announcement to all the GI users, old and new. One that I know will tug at the heartstrings of many of our users: CHILDREN... More
  • The DLC Dead Space Debacle

    The DLC Dead Space Debacle Member by Morbidystandard on October 06, 2009 at 11:28 PM 0 Views I just got Dead Space for the Xbox 360 and couldn't be happier. I know I am a year behind everyone else, but I like to do things at my own pace. As I powered... More
  • Big Endians and Little Endians.

    First off, if anyone gets my allusion in the title, Kudos to you. Today, All its seems the news is showing is the fight between the Republicans and Democarts. I just going to say how sick in tired of how they fight and slander each other on how to run... More
  • Minimalist Animations

    Whooooooaaa this is *** cool and sweet! So basically what these are, are animations of video games redone to show extreme minimalism. Who doesn't love minimalism!? The street fighter one is the easiest to understand I feel. The other two, mainly Noby... More
  • Great! *** Animations for an unbeatable price!

    Alright so I just read via Kotaku that College Lacrosse 2010 has been released on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace. For how much? Oh yeah 800, which is about $10 Alright after watching this...I don't even know where to begin. But before I destroy things... More
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free!!

    Toys R us is starting their week long sale of buy two games get one free. If you ask me thats a *** good deal! It doesn't seem to work with Pre-orders, but I could be wrong. There have been reports that it works with this list of games. Also this... More
  • Codemasters already working on Dragon Rising 2?

    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was just recently released, but it seems Codemasters isn’t wasting any time and could possible already be working on the sequel to Dragon Rising. At least that’s the impression executive produces Sion Lenton... More
  • Aion players reached level cap in 17 days?... No way!!!

    18 1
    To some people, an MMORPG means spending countless hours playing as you build your character up from a weakling attacking cute little innocent bunnies in the forest, to an Arnold Schwarzenegger clone taking on the gods themselves. But to others, sometime... More