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  • Sports Game Overrated?

    Chances are, if you play Video Games, and like Sports, you play Sports Games. Though they can sometimes be fun, i can't help but feel that they're overrated. In my opinion, the different a game is from real life, the more fun it is to play. My... More
  • favorite left 4 dead infected

    The hunter is the bomb it is the mother of left 4 dead without this infected gangstar i wouldnt even like left 4 dead r even want to play it. More
  • Castle Crashers: A Behemoth of a Game.

    Castle Crashers: A Behemoth of a Game A small company named The Behemoth headed by developers Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp, have really hit it big with their Xbox Live Arcade gem called Castle Crashers. The Behemoth has come out of nowhere in the past couple... More
  • New this week! : Super Street Fighter IV characters : Guy, Cody, and Adon!

    Alright Street Fighters, on, they have released some leaked images for some of the new Street Fighters, for "Super Street Fighter IV", 4 other new characters were announced, Adon, a Kick Boxing fighter from the Street Fighter Alpha... More
  • How did GI know?

    Of all the covers I could have gotten it seems that GI new exactly wich one would be most fitting for me. Although I love the other games featured on the cover of the 200th issue, GTA 3 was the embodiment of my do whatever I want attidute torwards gaming... More
  • Vault Spelunking: It's Like Time Travel

    13 4
    Delve II So, this month I've had about 3-4 hours a week to game it seems like. I especially have not been able to dig into the vault like I wanted to, so I'll throw up some quick reviews of all the games I played this past month. Nintendo DS Sonic... More
  • my poverty bothers me

    I'm missing out on so many things because I'm poor like all the of the new games coming out hell I dont have a 360 have'nt played one in 11 months and 20 days I dont have home based internet or a computer of my own and I taunt myself by keeping... More
  • Brandon is Team Jacob

    Brandon recently attended the midnight screening of Twilight on Thursday night. He was a little too excited to tell me all about it, and here's the facebook message he sent me: It was tight as HELL dude! I got my tix in advance cause I aint no amatuer... More
  • My Top Ten "Oh Sh*t" Moments in Gaming

    You're up playing games at four am. The lights are off, and you feel exhausted. You have little to no health, the last time you saved was seven cups of coffee ago, and you're not sure whether or not you can feel your legs. Your hands are clammy... More
  • The Greatest Gaming Moments of the Decade

    Now this was one that took some effort to decide. Fortunately, I had help. Check out this week's edition of my column here, Join... More
  • Musical Minds: The Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

    Video game music. Thought few may realize it, throughout the entirety of gaming history, music has played an integral role in the overall quality of a game. In fact, there were many video games that were brought to life almost solely by the livelihood... More
  • Black Friday at gamestop

    of course i have to work it but i look forward to it actually. Were going to have some great deals this friday. so you should come check it out. But beware some deals only take place in the morning. More