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  • A Gamer's Diet

    Health is important these days. Me? I'm a typical health nut. I could tell you about all the bad things in that hot dog you're holding, but you'd hate me for it. So I'm just going to sit there, smile, and keep my mouth shut. At least until... More
  • Return of the Custom GI Avatars

    "grrraaaar, avatarrrrs" OK, here is my second set of avatars, enjoy. If you haven't seen my previous set of avatars yet, here you go As... More
  • No, it's my turn!

    19 1 that title calls back memories. If you've got siblings or you're the parent of children, no doubt you've heard that plenty of times yourself. It's funny how such a short phrase can mean so much though, isn't it? You see,... More
  • Christmas Wish List: Great Sequels That Should Exist, Yet Never Were

    It’s been a long while since my last post (eight months and twenty five days, to be exact,) and I’d like to apologize. This is probably the best online community I’ve ever been a part of, and it needs active members to keep going strong... More
  • Me Ranting... Sort of.

    Reading Kazama Blood's (nice name by the way) rant on the Black Ops DLC, I went into a rant myself. Sort of. But, Instead of just commenting, I thought I'd blog it and see what other people think about it. Also, I'm kinda bored. Nearly every... More
  • Merry Christmas – the GIO Virtual Gift Exchange…

    29 1
    From time to time I'll have the inspiration for a blog and then wonder how it is going to be received. Nobody wants to post a blog that sucks, certainly not me. So, this is one that I think is kind of iffy but I've elected to post it anyway. If... More
  • A Gamer's Dilemma

    This summer, I got married. I got a new job. I moved into a new house. I got involved in a new church. And least important (but still cool), I got Xbox Live. I have enjoyed quite a bit of fun online with games like Left 4 Dead 2, but the biggest thing... More
  • Retro Review: Link's Awakening


    Is The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening as good as you remember? I take a look back through time at this Nintendo classic.

    ... More
  • Top Five Flash games For Long Visits

    So lets say you have to vist some place for a long time but you can't bring your Xbox360/PS3 now lets say your getting bored. You could read a book like me, but if you did it like me you'd run out of books with in a week how do you stave off boredom... More
  • What sequels do you want to see?

    Troy here. This is sort of a reader discussion I want to get started, and I want to here what sequels deserve to see the light of day. Obviously, I can't do anything with these thoughts, but we as gamers can dream. Here are some picks of mine that... More
  • Review of Section 8 Prejudice: Why bother?

    Section 8's sequel (Section 8 Prejudice) isn't due out until sometime early 2011 along with a thousand of other shooters that will all make S8:P their b*tch. But why bother waiting for a review on this game when we all know it's going to suck... More
  • Demonomics: The Art of Making Asinine Market Predictions

    It seems we can no longer make it more than a week without seeing an article in which Michael Pachter has made another prediction. Unfortunately, some of these predictions are either so simple that a just about anyone could make them ( GTA is coming out... More