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  • The last thing I want to accomplish in MW2

    If you have followed any of my blogs at all you should know by now that I am a very vocal critic of Activision's Modern Warfare 2. I do not like the game, I openly mock the game and those who play it (the mockings shall continue till intelligence... More
  • My Beef with Call of Duty

    ok so to make this clear my bf/roomate brian plays the fps so this is based off of observation. Around the time MW2 came out we had the MAG beta and BBC2 beta on our ps3. Brian was in LOVE with this game cuz he loves to shoot people online. @ gamestop... More
  • While I was out...

    Playing at violence and war is nothing new. So why does Ron Jeremy, of all people, feel the need to call out violent video games while promoting porn? I've been away from the blog for a while. Needless to say, lots going on. One of those things, I'm... More
  • CaNdLE_LiiGHT's Brilliant Idea...

    My past few blogs have been pretty much all comedy and top ten lists. I realized that I haven't been posting creative or thought provoking blogs, so I'm going to change that with this post. I'm doing this all for you... That's right, you... More
  • Movies, with me: G-force, and 17 again

    Okay, this is my first edition of Movies, with me, now I know the movies I watched might seem a little iffy in relation to my personal tastes, so allow me to explain: now first off, I have a reasonably large family (5 people including me) so as you can... More
  • How to get a Chopper Gunner (Relatively) Easily

    Now, to some of the more hardcore players, this guide might seem a little obvious. But, it's the obvious stuff that we sometimes miss, and it helped me a lot. This is intended for good players who just need a little extra boost. I certainly tried... More
  • Sony and Lionsgate get "terminated" in bidding war.

    In 2007 Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna let go of the Terminator franchise to The Halcyon Group. The 30 million dollar deal was funded by hedge fund Pacificor. Around the time Terminator Salvation was released, Pacificor took Halcyon to task alleging breach... More
  • Achievements and Trophies: The Double-Edged Sword

    Love them or hate them achievements and trophies have become an element of games. The chime brings utmost joy or a roll of the eyes. One could even consider them as the next generation's "high score". While these little elements can add... More
  • BioShock 2 - Better Than You Think

    The only reason I'm writing this blog is because of the serious lack of discussion of this awesome game in the official thread. It seems that users tend to ignore official threads in favor of user blogs, so here I am. I also think that there might... More
  • The Quest For 75K Gamerscore, Week 3: Fighting For Points

    Greetings readers and fellow achievement hunters alike. It is time for another entry about my quest for 75,000 gamerscore by the end of the year. As I stated last week, things slowed down a little bit for me this week. I had a few games I wanted to get... More
  • Halo 2: A Final Farewell With Bungie

    As most of you are aware of by now, Microsoft is shutting down the original Xbox Live servers on April 15th. While this won't affect many of you, there is still a rather sizable group of people that still go back and play those old games once in a... More
  • GameInformer Loves Us

    20 3
    I just read the feed that was posted about the updates to the site, and to say the least, I am pleased. Why am I pleased you ask? Because those of us that actually try to contribute to the site by commenting (with something that is actually wholesome... More