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  • Microsoft's Natal vs. Sony's Arc vs. Nintendo's Wii. Who Will Win?

    Their is alot of talk and hype going on about the new releases of Microsoft's Natal and Sony's Arc. Many are exited for the new releases of motion controls for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and many are dissapointed that Microsoft and Sony are trying... More
  • Originality is Dead. So, who cares…

    There is a persistent theme surrounding the topic of originality that repeats itself among those who publish their works online. The subject matter is addressed by professional journalists, free lance writers or independent bloggers like me. A reader... More
  • A New Call of Duty? Already?...AND NO INFINITY WARD!?!?!?

    We're just starting to get used to the newest game in the Call of Duty franchise ( which by the way, I havn't even bought MW2, yet), and already a new CoD's coming out in 2011. What ever happened to savoring the moment? To make matters worse... More
  • Are Games More Violent, or is Technology More Capable?

    We’ve all heard the stories and seen the headlines. Video Games Produce Violent Behavior . The Truth About Violent Youth and Video Games . Why Video Games Really Are Linked to Violence . The list goes on and on. Like many of you, articles such as... More
  • Lost = Mind-Explosion

    Ok, Lost... where do I begin? I've taken this to heart ^ I hope those of you reading this blog have been keeping up on the most confusing show in the entire, freaking world. I, a loyal Lost fan, have been trying my best to stick with the show through... More
  • Enough with the Blogs

    This only applies to a few people (and you know who you are) but seriously just stop. I know there is probably a hundred topics that you want to write on, and that is great, but how about instead of writing a paragraph on each one you really take the... More
  • What a True Hardcore Gamer is

    I remember growing up and reading in magizines and online when the internet was first getting popular. A hardcore gamer used to mean someone who would enter tournaments win or loss and come out still happy but always looking to do better. Someone who... More
  • Top five video game punching bags.

    Punching bags, they are like the stairs of video games, they are all open to step on. These foes can be taken care of quickly without any effort at all. So without further explanation, here is the top 5 video game punching bags. #5, Grunts ( Halo series... More
  • What is Up With the Special Retail Editions of Games?

    Lar's Law of Special Game Editions: As an item's relevance to a game decreases, the likelihood that item will be included in the special edition increases. The process of brainstorming follows two easy steps: Come up with a bunch of ideas, but... More
  • Master Chief as a Character

    There are so many people out there that are quick to say that master chief is a terrible character. I myself will admit that he is not perfect. However, the fact is that he is not as bad as people make him out to be. Master chief has a deeper side to... More
  • Confession of a devoted gamer.

    Guys, I've got a confession to make. In the big push for online multi-player, I've been sitting on the sidelines. Not for fear of getting my butt handed to me, and not because I'm some solo campaign loyalist or anything. truth is, I've... More
  • The most completly ramdom list. Because I'm bored.

    11 1
    Here go's. 1 I'm really board. 2 I'm watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail and I'm still board. 3 I have one friend on GIO called Matt Western. He just randomly sent me a request. I have no idea who the heck he is and it looks like... More