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  • A great game for a great price Pinball hall of fame the williams collection.

    I like pinball, let me rephrase that I love pinball. I was raised in arcades and pool halls so I have been playing pinball since I was tall enough to reach the flipper buttons. There is something about a Pinball machine that makes every man want one in... More
  • TOGNick Presents: The Return

    9 1
    First of all let's shake the gorilla off my back, yes, I said final, it's been deleted. I took my time away, and this site kept calling to me like the Ring in Lord of The Rings. I missed my precious. And I of course learned something, first is... More
  • Disassembling the Robot in the Corner…

    Robots. Robots are cool. They're right up there with pirates and ninjas. Some might argue they're cooler than pirates and ninjas. We have Robots In Love; Robots In Disguise; and now, a little closer to home, we have the Robot in the Corner. An... More
  • A Quick Thanks to those in Active Duty

    Well this will be short and sweet. Since Thursday is Veterans Day, we must not forget those who have served, but those who are serving. We must remember that it is not easy to defend our country the way these people do. Also considering that the soliders... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews blog #2

    Don't go selling all of your valuables to keep your gaming hobby. In following is response to my first posts, linked below, ( the first serving as an intro to describe the purpose of this blog and the other being my first Cheap Gamer Review ) in which... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews - Game 1: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    Intro: Hello. Welcome to my first Cheap Gamer Review! Please read on to see why I rated this game a respectable 9 out of 10 and then make the smart decision and go out and purchase yourself a copy! Uncharted: Drake's Fortune marks quite the rare occurrence... More
  • Out of Order...

    Not sure if it's just me or not...I don't think it is because born4this is also reporting difficulties with the Game Informer website. To be honest, I've been having a ton of problems with the site lately which is odd, because I'm not... More
  • CONSUMER ALERT: DISH Network - And Why I'm Ready to Shift to Hulu...

    Technically not video game related...but an issue some of you might be interested in. I don't watch a lot of TV. I don't have time for it and frankly the quality and content is so substandard - why bother. Ever since 24 aired its last show, life... More
  • Cheap Gamer Reviews blog #1

    Saving those bucks, one at a time. My newest fad, as a poor college gamer, is to only buy old and used games below ~$25 to add to my collection. Sure, the odd game that I've been burning up for or a game with an expiration date ( like a highly online... More
  • Wanted: Clans

    Hey guys. I want to join a few clans and start a ton. Hopefully you will join me in this great adventure. Clans Modern Warfare 2 Name: wepwnyou System:PS3 How to join: Go to and join Black Ops Name: wepwnyourops System... More
  • Moral Conumumdrums 9

    This is a grey-grey choice. In games where you can choose between third- and first-person, which do you normally play in? Wow, that's short. If I keep it that short, then everyone'll rag on me for creating such a teeny-weeny blog. How should I... More
  • Austin's 2010 Christmas List

    Black Friday is less than a month away. So I'd like to present to 2010 Christmas list. Here it is, and my over-estimated price sum of it all is $570. 1. Brand-New Wireless N Adapter for Xbox 360 from GameStop- $90 2.12-month Xbox LIVE Gold... More