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  • When Real Life and Video Games Collide...

    Clearly if you've been around Game Informer for any length of time or, for whatever crazy reason, happen to be a regular reader of my blogs, you might make the assumption that I am a video game blogger. It's funny because I actually don't... More
  • "The Only Argument I Need"

    I posted a blog about a week ago pitting Skyward Sword against Ocarina of Time. First, I want to thank each and everyone one of you for reading it. Over 1000 views in this short amount of time really makes me feel good and pushes me to not only make more... More
  • Nintendo's Rising Stars

    Over the years, Shigeru Miymoto has been the driving force of Nintendo's game development. It is he who is credited for saving the home console industry, pioneering the modern action/adventure game, establishing the basics of 3D game design, putting... More
  • A more current look at my Zelda games

    This is I guess what you call an update on my progression of the Legend of Zelda series. 1) Skyward Sword I pre-ordered this and the guide the day they came out so I believe I have put 20+ hours in the game so far. I have a wallet size of 1400, a Braced... More
  • Hipster Gaming 03 - MySims: Agent

    Yep, another game made for kids. But hey, it’s the Wii so what can you expect? I have never played a My Sims title, but Agents sounded the most interesting to me so it’s the one I chose. The original My Sims looked a bit like a Sims ripoff... More
  • Arrow to the Knee...

    I can't go guys. You'll have to kill dragons without me. :( More
  • The Dragyn's Lair: Who Gives A $&!@ What The Score Is?

    Review scores. What a flammable, volatile subject for a large population of gamers. We wait for months, sometimes years, for that highly anticipated title to near its release date, and then we sit in front of our browsers pressing F5 every ten minutes... More
  • Games that deserve your attention [UPDATED (Binary Domain)]

    UPDATE (December 8, 2011) Wouldn't be Japan without giant robots I just came across this game Binary Domain that I found really interesting like an hour ago. Actually I've seen stuff from this game before, but at the time I saw nothing special... More
  • A Winters Embrace

    I took a walk Through winter woods. You caught my eye Hello, goodbye. "Beloved, wait!" I cried with grief! I fell down, You carried me. I didn't even Want you here. I only want to disappear. I feel the cold Wind chill my bones, I wanted... More
  • The 4th Floor Episode 28: Snitch Bots Among Us

    The rain constantly falls now, as Kenneth drives in his Ford 4 door station wagon he stops off in a little known area called Pikesville. "What are these candles? And this Silver and Blue coloring over everything?" The Big Daddy is alarmed, red... More
  • My day as a Gamer.

    Hi fellow Informers! Today was a bright,happy and sad day. Let's start with the sad: I was working as an intern for Disney for 6 months starting in February 21 and finishing in August 12, working in the park EPCOT in the World Showcase area. Where... More
  • Lost planet 2 needs a sequel

    What you are seeing is the epicness of Lost Planet 2 My little brother has been obsessing about wanting to buy Lost Planet 2 for quite a while. We recently ordered 3 games online, Crysis 2, Dead Space 2, and Lost Planet 2 (yes, that is a lot of 2's... More